Memory dump/artifacts after installing ati videocard

Hi guys,

Having issues with my HD4870 card... I just got it yesterday, along with my new PSU, installed both, and I was getting like terrible artifacts all over the screen. sometimes it would boot into Win7 fine, others it wouldn't even make it there, regardless it would always memory dump or blue screen on me (I cant tell what it's actually doing, because so many artifacts I can't read the bluescreen). I take the video card out, put in my old 9600GT, works fine. Could it be the nVidia display drivers interfering with the new ATI Card? Would this still cause artifacts? System specs are here:

Asus M4N78 motherboard
4GB Kingston HyperX 800MHz Ram
AthlonII X3 435 2.9ghz
Antec Earthwatts 650W PSU
running win7.
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  1. card is still buggered after uninstalling all driver software and driver sweeping... I guess the card is just hooped.
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