AMD HD3D: Will this start the price war we were waiting for?

AMD is set to launch HD3D along with the HD6000 series which is similar to Nvidia 3DVISION. It is also said to be compatible with the 4000 and 5000 cards. Do you think that this would finally start the price war and bring 3D to mainstream. The 12oHz monitor prices would fall as well, I guess due to mass adoption. What do you guys think?
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  1. Quote:
    From where did you get that info?

    Google it.
  2. Assuming this is true, it wouldn't be smart for AMD/ATI to release their HD3D on their 4000 & 5000 series cards immediately. Especially on older 4000 series cards!! It would be less reason for people to upgrade.

    Unless of course, people try running HD3D on their 4000 series only to realize how poorly it performs and feel a need to upgrade.
  3. Several websites claiming a Chinese website leaked info on the 6870.

    However, they're suggesting that Barts is actually the 6800 series of cards, and isn't actually a 2nd Generation chip.

    I'll wait for something more official before I believe it all.
  4. This is a good thing, bring 3d on. Even if you don't like it, 120mhz monitors are nice.
    There is not enough models/choice to compete for pricing. Right now.
    Generating more revenue in PC gaming will spur things on.
    Better games
    more gamers
    better hardware.
  5. +1, couldn't care less about 3d, but would love for 120hz monitors to hit an affordable level. Finally all my excess frames can be put to good use.
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