My First ever gaming PC

Hello everyone,

This is my first build and my first thread here, and I need your opinions/suggestions please :)
This PC will be used for gaming mainly.

Thank you :)
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  1. get a X4 955 BE, the X4 outperforms the X6 in gaming.

    I'd just get a SCMG-2100 (scythe mugen 2 rev.b) $40 cooler amazingly well and will be good for a good sized overclock.

    I wouldn't use OCZ psu or the A-Data RAM.

    PSU: Corsair, XFX, Antec, and Seasonic.

    Ram: Mushkin, G.Skill. Corsair

    Also don't get the eco green HD, just get the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply :)

    I changed the RAM to G.Skill and the HD to the samsung F3. But I guess I'll stick to the X6 and the Coolit liquid cooling system.

    Any other comments is highly appreciated.
  3. Get the NH-D14 CPU cooler as it is the best of the best besides a custom water cooling loop.

    Stay with the x6 1090t as it infact gives you better gaming performance.. though not noticeable.

    The OCZ PSU is fine, these are getting very popular and you would be good to go using one.

    You changed the ram and the hard drive so that's good to go.. all else is good.
  4. I think you would be better off using air cooling.
  5. Just saying, intel based, great GPU, more ram, same price as what you posted (just sharing, not sure if this helps you at all):

    Good luck!
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    @ ciiiz - if you get the NH D-14, you'll find height clearance issues when you have ram installed.

    Getting the CooLit system is a waste of money...its just a bragging right material - but it doesn't get the job done. Sticking to air cooling would be the best idea - pick up a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+, its good on the wallet, good to work with OC's and easy to setup.

    IF your really hell bent on gettin a closed loop WC system - by all means get the Corsair H50 CWCH50-1 - tests/reviews showed that the H50 is far superior to the coolit even while having two fans across the rad in push/pull config

    * Did you forget the keyboard on purpose?

    if you can afford this - - get it or this - - its cheaper

    Mushkin silverline - or both are the same timings, just dif packaging

    get a X4 955 BE, the X4 outperforms the X6 in gaming.

    as a matter of fact you'll only need a triple core x3 to run most games as a test on Tom's showed - you never need more than 3cores for gaming - if your using multi-threaded application, the x4~x6 will come in handy...

    note before # you can get an i5-750/P55 mobo/4~8GB 1600 DDR3 Ram/GTX 460/470 if this a gaming only PC. The hyper can also OC the i5- close to 4.0GHz
  7. wow thanks guys for the great feedback!

    @Mr Pizza, @wortwortwort and @Lutfij thanks so much for suggesting the NH D-14. I've read and watched some reviews of this beast and I'm sold :D this thing is amazing. installed it right away :)

    @dknutson, hey thanks for the reply, but I think u didn't notice that I have a 300$ monitor in this build.

    @Lutfij, thanks so much for the great info. You are absolutely right about the height issue of the RAM, the ones I had (the G.Skill's) could cause problems there. So, I installed the Mushkin silverline u pointed out. One thing I noticed about them though, they are DDR3 1333 while the G.Skill's are DDR3 1600. I'm a RAM noobie :P so should I worry about this?
    I didn't forget the keyboard I left it out on purpose :)

    Thanks again :)
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  9. wow, the quickest best answer vote I've ever gotten :P

    and thank YOU for the vote!!! Enjoy your build and PM me if you'd need any suggestions :)

    I'm a RAM noobie so should I worry about this?

    pulled off neweggs specsheet:
    Integrated memory controller speed:
    Dual Channel PC3-10667U (DDR3-1333) for 2 Module, Dual Channel PC3-8500U (DDR3-1066), Dual Channel PC2-8500U (DDR2-1066)

    Right out of the box, the AMD will work alongside the 1333MHz. You can overclock the ram timings to run at 1600MHz - or just pick these up if you want to spend more

    oops its this one : : but i think you've already chosen it
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