FS: Radeon 9600PRO, Sennheiser HD570 & Nightvision

Radeon 9600PRO:
Bought about 6 months ago from CompUSA, paid $225. I have taken excellent care of it, and it has only been used in one computer since the time I bought it. I have since upgraded the cooling on the card; I have replaced the stock fan with a ThermalTake Crystal Orb and added RAMsinks to all the RAM chips. This card supports AGP 4/8x, DVI, analog and TV-out. I will include all original packaging, DVI cable, manual and most recent drivers. Asking $145 with shipping OBO

Sennheiser HD570s:
Bought online about 10 months ago for $100, and these things sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. I am very sorry to have to let these go, but I must. These are the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn, have excellent frequency response and well-rounded sound. They are like new and the only visible wear is the “HD570” on one ear is beginning to wear off. Other than that, they look brand new. They come with the original 6ft fully detachable cord, adapter, all original packaging and documentation. Asking $75 with shipping.

Nightspy nightvision monocular:
allows you to see in complete darkness by infrared illuminator. It also works by means of regular nightvision technology, amplifying light by 20,000x. It has 2x zoom and front focus. Only problem with it is that it’s missing the battery cover, but the batteries are held in there so tightly that this is only a cosmetic problem. Russian made and very high quality, list price is $275 if I remember correctly. I will also include a wide-angle lens that I have been using on it that came off of an old camera. Asking $200 OBO including shipping

Please feel free to contact me anytime by email or through AOL instant messenger. My email address is, and my instant messenger handle is exodus454 (I am online almost 24/7, please send me a message anytime for more thorough details and any pictures you may want).

also for sale - have an old Onkyo TX-2000 stereo tuner up for grabs, $45 as well as various street signs picked up from a town auction ("SPEED LIMIT 25MPH" & "TURNEY RD.") signs are in like new condition and probably go for $70 new. tuner is used, but definatly works. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by exodus454 on 04/12/04 01:44 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. New Radeon 9600 Pro's go for $131 and free shipping cost. I'll pay $75 if you pay shipping

    :cool: I run my AthlonXfx at 7.65 Exahertz :cool:
  2. i wont take anything lower than $110
  3. No one's going to buy it then

    :cool: I run my AthlonXfx at 7.65 Exahertz :cool:
  4. well the way i figure it, cooling parts = $30 roughly, you want to give me $75, 30+75=105, so $100 seems fair to me
  5. Yeah, fair to you, I told you, no one's going to buy it above $75'ish. You can get used Geforce4 Ti cards that outperform a Radeon 9600 Pro for less. I bought one for $60 from someone on the forum, and it's faster than a 9600 will ever be.

    :cool: I run my AthlonXfx at 7.65 Exahertz :cool:
  6. anyone want to make an offer? all items are being let go to people over on anandtech at the end of the week, so you guys have until friday if you wanna make me a better offer
    (and Quetzacoatl, it went for $100 easily)
  7. heh sorry bud i gotta 9800P AIW

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  8. You're welcome. Haha!

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