Printer when connected to usb port causes monitor to saving mode.

While my pc is on, I plug in the usb cable of my canon pixma MP276 printer. When the usb cable contact to the usb port, the lcd monitor goes into power saving mode/sleep mode (black) immediately and never turns on again no matter what I do (clicking on mouse, pressing keys on keyboard)

I then need to restart the pc and everything will be normal.

What is the reason for this? Thanks
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  1. Download and install an updated driver from Canon for your printer.
  2. It does not seems like it is the driver problem.
  3. Strange problem indeed. What happen if you plug other USB device on the same USB port?
  4. The problem happens to both the usb ports (front ports of the casing)

    The problem seems to be random. There is no problem with Usb sticks. My older printer Epson CX3500 does not cause any problem.

    I am wondering if new printers need too much power? So it causes the lcd monitors to go into sleep mode.
  5. No, I don't think so. The printer draws power from its power point.

    But there could be an electrical problem.

    Try the printer on another computer.
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