Computer shuts off randomly, CPU_LED turning red, comp not turning on!

Hi all,
I posted couple of threads long time back trying to decide what kind of build I wanted to go for. Since then, I've assembled my computer and have been very satisfied with it. However, recently, my computer has been shutting off randomly, and it'll turn back on, only to have the CPU_LED turn to a red light, and it will not continue to load BIOs or to windows.
There are couple of things I've noticed:
1. I opened my case, unplugged my CPU cooler fan because it was not turning, and replugged. I turned it back on, and both fan and computer started working.
2. happened again, so I unplugged my CPU cooler and plugged it in the CHA_FAN plug in my mobo. It worked fine for few hours.. then it turned off again.
- So one important thing I got from this is that my CPU Cooler seems to stop turning... maybe causing the CPU to overheat and the computer shuts off automatically before further damage?

I'm not too sure how to fix this. I have my stock CPU cooler, should I exchange my aftermarket one for that? Is there any other options?
Thank you.
P.S. Here is my current build:

I5 760
G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBECO Eco PC3-12800 4GB
Corsair TX850W 850
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  1. Now.. I just re-plugged my CPU cooler fan to its CPU_FAN slot... it seems to be turning, but it'll not load to the BIOS screen, windows loading screen.. actually the monitor doesnt even get any response from the computer..

    Edit: Tried replacing my CM cpu cooler with my stock cpu cooler.. the fan on the stock did not turn on... what's going ON?!
    Please help a brother out!
    Edit #2: How do I check if the MOBO is faulty? If it's not reading my CPU fan correctly?
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