I7-2600K vs i7-950

Hello, let's say you accidentally wound up with a 1366 mboard, and an 1155 i7-2600K. You have realized your error of haste now, and need to decide which to return/exchange... At my local retailer, the cpu prices are the same, so exchange is easy and I could plop the 950 in my mboard and go right away... But I really want the Sandy Bridge... Alas, if I am understanding things correctly, I have no option at all for buying a mboard to run my new i7-2600K with presently, right? So my choices are exchange cpus, or return the mboard and wait with a shell of a pc for a month till I can get an 1155 mboard for the 2600K, right? Disappointing night...

Is there a black market source for a Sabertooth 1155 mboard, or is that a completely foolish idea? If it survives 1-2 years, I'm happy, and I'd actually only be using sata-3... a 6GB/s 256GB SSD sys drive (crucial) to start, and I'll add another sata-3 data drive tbd once it's up and running.

If your new reason for dropping mad cash & time was a new mmorpg called Rift, and other high-end & future Dx11 games, would this worry & wait be worth the gain of the 2600K? Or would you just go 950 - if waiting a month+(?) is very nearly beyond your self-control?

I just want to be sure I've got my facts straight this time too... Thanks for any input,

- Disappointed Dave
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  1. I have a 2600k and a i7 920 at the same speed as the 950. All things considered I would wait it out and go SB. Either way you will have a fast machine. The only thing that sucks is the 1366 is a dead socket for the most part, new tech will not come out on that board, so you will have to do a mobo and CPU upgrade next time.
  2. I agree with fester, the sandy bridge chips are much faster, the 2600k is about 50% faster than the i7-950 according to passmark benchmarks. As far as the mobos, there are lga 1155 boards on the market right now, you don't have to wait ( I don't know whether these boards are pre or post flaw, but like you said, you're not using the SATA II ports anyway.
  3. Thanks guys. I checked out that link, and the site says it is expected to be available 3/15/11.... I can wait that long. I know I can... I think I... Open the bomb-bay doors already, Hal.

    The new Antec Lanboy Air case holds a soda at the perfect height next to my chair for now, while my Phenom-ii x6 lags my character to death in game... it works, but tax refund should == more :D this year. BTW, I'm running Asus EAH5850 DCU right now, and plan to bring that card over to the new machine. Any strong rec's on that vid card / mboard or anything? Should be ample paired with 2600k I assume...
  4. wait for a Sandy motherboard - don't waste money on a dead and inferior product because you're too impatient to hold off for a fortnight :P

    Seriously, although the 950 is a great piece of kit, and will continue to be powerful for a few more years, the new Sandies just stomp all over them.

    Plus, triple-channel RAM for X58 is more expensive than dual-channel RAM for the Sandies, so if you haven't got RAM yet then you'd actually be spending more money if you stayed with the 1366 motherboard.
  5. You guys are too cool for not scolding me to death... It's clearly been a couple years since I've built a box, and a few things have changed.

    If you don't mind one more question - since you brought up ram - they were out of my first Corsair choice, so I went with 4x2GB of OCZ Reaper PC3-12800 (7-8-8@1.50v). Decent choice? Or would you put those is the return bag as well? I am no longer in tax-refund giddiness, and will wait patiently to make the best moves.
  6. RAM seems to be fine, but the those big heat pipe things will probably interfere with your heatsink fan (depending on which one you use).

    You can get Reapers in 4GB modules now, so you could switch over to 2 x 4GB and not have a problem with the heatsink (same applies to most RAM if I'm honest).
  7. The Intel® H67 and P67 based boards should start showing up at the resellers by mid-March. While supplies maybe limited at first, Intel is working very hard to insure that we can meet the demand as quickly as possible. Other manufacturers should have their boards out around the same time frame.

    As far as the Intel Core™ I7 950 vs. the 2nd generation Intel Core I7 2600k, each has advantages over the other the biggest one for the I7 950 is the use of the triple channel memory and the increased bus this gives the processor. On the other hand the I7 2600k has updated architecture and is unlocked. So there are cases where one will outperform the other and vice versa.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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    IntelEnthusiast said:
    So there are cases where one will outperform the other and vice versa.

    Really? Pretty much every bench I've seen sees a Sandy stomping over everything south of 6 cores, and has triple-channel RAM ever been fully saturated?

    I know you Intel guys want to stretch out X58 for another year until socket 2011 comes out, but there's no shame in saying "first-gen i7 was awesome, but unless you're gonna use 6 cores just go Sandy Bridge".

    That's pretty much what everybody else says (unless you're on a very tight budget and then frankly you're just not gonna touch AMD).
  9. the 2600k is the better bang for ur buck, and as psycho says it overclocks alot more and uses less power
  10. the 2500k blows the hell out of the 750 for video editing and encoding, photoshop , theres just no competition here, the 2500k will obliviate the 750 in any app
  11. Quote:
    ^true but the 750 would be a better choice in video editing that's about it. For gaming get 2500k or 2600k. Intel going to start shipping the Z68 chipset soon which include both overclocking and making use of the onboard video. Not like you going to use the latter but still need to know info

    Both the 750 and 950 get absolutely steamrolled by the 2600k when it comes to video editing. No competition.
  12. 750? That gets jumped on by a 950, so I'm not sure what comparison you're trying to make.

    A 6-core 970, 980X or 990X is a different matter for video editing and high-end media - a Sandy can't touch them.

  13. yes u can, the 2600k can overclocked, top the 980x , and so on, overclocked will perform better core for core, javascript:%20validform(this);
  14. iceclock said:
    yes u can, the 2600k can overclocked, top the 980x , and so on, overclocked will perform better core for core, javascript:%20validform(this);

    The 990x overclocked will beat the 2600k overclocked pretty much every time. Sandy is good, but for highly threaded workloads, the hexacores are still king.

    (That may change when LGA2011 comes out though)
  15. yes i agree, but i n games, it can top it in games, overclocked
  16. For the record, I was able to pick up a new AsusP8P67 Pro rev3.0 B3 today at my local Micro Center. Just starting to build now. Ecstatic is an understatement considering I was expecting to wait at least two more weeks...! :D
  17. Excellent! Keep us posted and enjoy the build!
  18. As soon as Gigabyte get their rears in gear and release that P67 Mini-ITX I'll be joining you!
  19. Coming to you now live from a screaming i7-2600k machine... I am absolutely ecstatic! Thanks for the words of wisdom to wait instead of going 950. BTW, using the same ASUS EAH-5850 as I had in my AMD PhenomIIx6 machine, this thing smokes the Phenom silly. Other upgrades besides cpu/mboard include sata3 SSD system drive, 8GB 1600 ram vs 6GB@1333 in old machine. 1TB 6GB/s Caviar Black thrown on other sata3 channel for good measure... but tbh, my one game is running on the ssd right now, muahahaha.

    Firefox is loaded as I release the 2nd click on the shortcut. Closing and reopening Firefox is literally like how minimizing/maximizing windows on my old machine would be. My Rift game is a new always 38+fps (and usually plenty higher) @ultra-max-everything 1920x1200 world. I'm ecstatic. Did I say that already..?

    Only thing - Windows Experience Index gives 7.6 cpu & ram, 7.7 grfx & gaming, but an annoying 5.9 on hdd transfer rate. I was expecting more from sata3 6G/s Crucial SSD... I did go through a tweaker's set-up guide for it, but being my first ssd, confidence is low. I still need to do more testing & playing on that. Getting game loaded was mission Gratification critical first.

    Plenty more testing to do tomorrow after work.

    Thanks again... Ecstatic Dave. :D :D
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  21. Scream away Ecstatic Dave and give her a serious push to see what she's capable of!

    Ty for best answer
  22. Funny my i7 950 gets 7.8 in windows index rating.
    in-fact my hole system being older than your gets much higher ratings..

    I have the I7 950 with gtx 550 ti...

    My memory gets 7.8 rating and my ssd gets 7.8 and my graphics gets 7.8

    Maybe my windows install is buggered.
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