Need suggestions on what mobo to buy

Been going around forums asking for help on this topic so now that i have a clearer idea of what i want i thought i should make another thread.

Ive decided i want to get a new motherboard and possibly another GTX 590 gpu.
I have a Cooler Master HAF ATX Mid Tower Case that im gonna be using for this new build.

I wound up buying two GTX 590s because i was in a rush to spend the money i had. Due to my situation my money comes and goes, and if i dont spend it, itll dissappear. Im thinking of purchasing a 3rd card just so i dont have to buy new GPUs for a while.

Ive got at least 2-3 grand to spend on parts right now and have decided a mobo is where i should start.
I currently i have an intel core i7 950 in the desktop im using right now. Its being cooled by a Corsair H60 cooling system.
I also purchased a Corsair AX 1200 and im hoping its enough to power everything i need.

As for picking a mobo i have a few problems. Im not sure whether i should try the water cooling route or just getting new parts and later on upgrading to a water cooling setup. Can someone help me out with this or link me to a super newb guide for water cooling? I was also told i should get a 1155 socket mother board so i can get a sandy bridge cpu and upgrade to the ivy bridge later. And i was also told not to get a 1155 socket and instead opt for a 2011 socket so my video cards have a dedicated x16 slot for each card. All of this is far too confusing so i wanna make sure im not bottle necking anything when i decide on a mobo.

I also am confused because i was told 2 590s would run a 3 monitor 120hz 120 fps per monitor full nvidia surround 3d setup, but then i was told i need a video card dedicated to each monitor, and i dont know what is true and what isnt.

I have 2 SSD drives raided together for my C partion/drive right now that im hoping to use. I dont really care for them much but it is nice to have, and im not sure if it helps my multitasking but i do like quicker load times, but i dont have nearly as much space as id like to have, so i have a bunch of other drives dedicated for different things.

The main problem is i have trouble understanding the specs of motherboards when im on so i need someone to convince me which board is the best one for what i need.

I also need enough sata adapters for my 4 7200 rpm 1-2TB hard drives, as well as my dvd drive and my 2 SSD drives.

So basically, i need answers to the following questions.
1- Will 2 classified nvidia GTX 590s be able to run my nvidias 3d surround setup?
2- Should i try converting to water cooling, or should i stick to my super fan setup?
3- What would you do or get if you were me?
Any other advice links or help is appreciated, thanks for your time.

List of parts im currently using...
Ram: 12 gigs of DDR3
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X58
Soundcard: Creative XiFi fatality championship edition - need to upgrade to a new working sound card and possibly an external for DJing.
OS: Win7 64 bit
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  1. That is a very nice motherboard.... you can go for it!
  2. You mean i can get 3 graphics cards on my current motherboard, or that i can run what im trying to run with my current setup if i add the new cards and psu?

    I really need some suggestions and i feel like, lots of ppl wanna help me but dont understand me and then give up trying to help.

    In all honestly im just trying to figure out what to do since my current setup just isnt cutting it. IDK when battlefield 3 will get an update to run in 3d, but i know bad co 2 can run in a 3 monitor 3d setup with nvidias 3d vision so thats what i was hoping to do with bf3, and any other games that support the full surround 3d setup from nvidia.
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