AMD Phenom II B73 unlocked or not?

Hello guys,

I just sent my mobo to RMA because my onboard audio died, and sold my graphics card,
now let me get to the point, is the phenom II x3 B73 unlocked or not?

a few months ago I saw tiger direct selling phenom 64 x4 9600B business edition with unlocked multiplier , anyways, I see microcenter is selling one so I thought I should get that one to upgrade my athlon II x4 which is a bad chip (cant go over 3.2 GHz), otherwise, I'll wait for AM3+.

Another thing, should I get the 8800 GTX (768MB) or 8800 GTS (640MB) would be enough? they both are used and covered by XFX double life time warranties.

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  1. Hello
    bit late with an answer. Anyway.
    The multiplier is not unlocked. 2 friends of mine bought one of these. With an AM3 mobo i unlocked with both the fourth core and clocked them to 3,6 with a vcore of 1.45. Both of them ran stress test with no problem. They paid about £46 + free postage.
  2. I just got a 4850 after that and kept my athlon x4 because of no reply xD
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