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Question for any of you who have one or can help.

I have a razer salmosa and it's plain, only
2)left click
3)middle click

I want to be able to middle click but I also want the "On the fly sensitivity" feature to be on which when activated allows you to press and hold a button then use the scroll to change sensitivity right then and there.

The only issue is that when I have the middle button (the only sensible option, don't want to disable my right and left click) chosen for On the fly senstivity, it doesn't register the middle click. I'm working hard at being lazy, I don't like going back and forth when I'm playing games changing the middle button from "Universal Scrolling (where it register the mouse3)" and "On the fly sensitivity" where it doesn't...

I was thinking of maybe finding the registry value and editing it. Preliminary look says no.
I don't know if there's any solution to switch easily between the two.

This is trivial compared to other things but I'm just as appreciative of your time.
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  1. I'm not familiar with that mouse, but I use the Razer Imperator, which lets you set up different profiles which you can switch via a button on the bottom of the mouse. If yours lets you do that, then the problem is easy, you can just switch to your different profiles via that. Otherwise, I guess you're a bit SOL, probably.
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