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Computer problems! Help please! Motherboard!

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December 4, 2010 4:24:03 AM

Hi, Eric here and new to forums! I ordered from Newegg last week looking for a new computer build, not the best at computers but I am pretty sure I have done everything right.

Anyways, I got everything hooked up, so I think. When I turn the power on the lights on the motherboard, case fans, power supply, and hard drive all turn on. The disk drive opens BUT I am getting no signal to the monitor...can't be the video card as I am using that one right now, and was just playing a game.

I got 2x4 GB of ram and i switched them both out to see if it was Ram but to no avail. If my motherboard was fried would lights, processor and the other stuff come on? What could be the problem?

Also, is compatible with

ANY help would be awesome and appreciated! Wondering if the processor could be DOA? or anything else that could be DOA?

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December 7, 2010 4:00:30 AM

I did, lol. But I never had it installed. But I did in fact find the problem.

Being new to building computers I forgot the latch that locks down the processor, but not the heatsink. Dunno if it's just AMD or both but yeah my CPU was stuck to the thermal paste on my heatsink when I pulled it off so my guess was while trying to seat the heatsink and deal with the annoying heatsink clamps, it pulled it out of socket. Oops!