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Hi all, I'm new here but I always read Tom's.

I building a new rig soon and I want to kept it in budget as much as possible. I'm no overclocker and I don't think I will overclock.
Right now I plan to recycle some part of a computer I have: Athlon 630 processor, 1t hard drive, 4 gigs ddr3 (average's joe's) ram, antec power supply 430w, case, dvd drive.

I've read the builder marathon articles among others and I see the Asrock 770 M3A770DE mobo as a good budget option, but crossfire option would be...well, not an option on that motherboard. As I understand second graphic card would run at 4x.
If I get this mobo I would get a ssd to install the OS in there, perhaps an OCZ 30gb or 60gb as it is recommended on one of the articles about ssd. I'm not very confident about getting a 60 gb since I've read a lot of negative feedback about that particular ssd on that particular capacity. I was leaning more towards the 30gb version because of that.

The other option would be to get Biostar 990fx TA990FXE, which seems to have crossfire and the cards running at 16x each. That mb is much cheaper that the other higher end mb and crossfire at that price sounds really nice. Getting this board would mean I don't get the ssd btw.

The thing is I might be able to wait more to save more money and get a much better motherboard like Asus Sabertooth but If can get the same basic things at a lower price then I don't the point in going higher end.

I plan to get an amd 6850 graphic card and want to keep my option open for crossfire in the future. I have a monitor with 1980x1080 resolution so one card is enough for me right now I think.

So should I get the Asrock 770 and ssd or the Biostar 990fx with no ssd (lets say, ssd and crossfire option are equal in importance) or should I wait and be patience to get something better and newer and get a better performance?

Thank you very much.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I 'get' budgets, but I too 'get' bottlenecks. If your plan is to keep the AMD Athlon II X4 630 Propus 2.8GHz it will bottleneck a HD 6850 and significantly in Crossfire, and a old 430W PSU has probably lost 15%~20% capacity {electrolytic capacitor aging} therefore will not have the power for CF HD 6850. A single HD 6850, Athlon II X4 630, typical setup, and no OC is going to be hitting at least 340W+ {430W * 85% = 365W} which will if not cause instability create a 'power bottleneck'.

    Then there's the problem of keeping components where one doesn't 'bottleneck' aka limit the others in a 'Balanced' system. I think I know of the 60GB you're referring to, and I have seen it {OCZ Vertex Plus} and yes it's garbage.

    Therefore, I need more input before recommending anything.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply!, so it seems I need a new power supply and new processor then!
    I'm sorry Jaquith but what do you mean that you need more imput?
  3. Input = Budget, Thoughts, Direction, Monitor(s) aka resolution, Use of the rig (I assume gaming), etc. Otherwise it's pointless for me to recommend 'stuff' just for the heck of it.
  4. The budged I intended was around $300 for the parts I though I only needed. I want to use the pc for gaming, good graphics (1900x1080 is the resolution) but not ultra. Then when the 6850 can't keep up I would crossfire but when that time comes I don't want to upgrade motherboard and powersupply also, that's why I want to be prepared since now. And if I had to chose between getting a ssd or a better mb.
    The budged for the remaining parts would be what would be required.
  5. Being honest, I have very little experience with low budget builds and anything sub-$900 I'm not the best source because I have an issue 'compromising'. Therefore, to help you the best I recommend that you start a new post in the Building section -> then choose Home Built or New Build and probably Home Built as the better option.

    Good Luck! :)
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