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Hey everybody, I am looking into building a new PC when Intels 'Sandy Bridge' comes out. And, depending on price\performance ratio I will pick one of the two; i7 or sandy bridge. :pt1cable: Sorry about this wall of text :na:

For now, I've got an i7 build planned out and heres what I came up with. :)
(Also, please no hate on the case or suggestions to change because I plan on going 'pro' watercooling in the future)

Chassis: Corsair Obsidian 800D

CPU: Intel Core i7-950

CPU Cooling: Corsair H70 Modded (Alphacool Black reservior [5 1/4"] & UV Green Tubing) :love:

Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Formula (Love this due to color scheme & ROG connect)

Memory: Corsair Dominator GT 1600Mhz CL7 (with Dominator GT airflow fan)

Optical Drive_1: LiteOn DVDRW
Optical Drive_2: NZXT Sentry 2 Fan controller
Optical Drive_3: Explained above - Alphacool Black reservior [5 1/4"]

GPU: ECS GTX480 (I chose this brand over others like eVGA and Asus due to its an entire 150$ cheaper; should I be worried?) :sweat:

PSU: Corsair HX-1000W
Other Info:
I plan to overclock the CPU past the 4Ghz mark :lol:
ATM I can't buy complete watercooling (triple rad ect ect) because of the price of that in australia (~$400) :fou:

So, any suggestions? should I be worried about ECS's products? anyone have any experience with h70 mods? ect ect!

<3 you all,
Intel1502 :wahoo:
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  1. put up a link to the gpu.
  2. double 'the'ing, man thats gotta suck for you...

    in all seriousness: http://umart.com.au/newindex2.phtml?bid=4
  3. nobody? HELLO? *sadface*
  4. grab your card from a reputable source... by the way, that link was to a gts450
  5. Martin 71 said:
    grab your card from a reputable source... by the way, that link was to a gts450

    No, that was Umarts Homepage.. u need to go to bottom left -> video card and then scroll through... So you think getting the "eVGA" brandname over ECS is worth the extra 150$? and warranty wont come into play because all products from umart are 12 month warranty and thats it..
  6. O.O there is a EVGA 480 for only 50$ more.... The ECS is 330$ and the EVGA is 390$.

    Why water cool if your not going to stick a 120.2 (240) rad on that. It's not like the 800D doesn't have the space to do that. Also 480's generate a lot of heat. Why go with the 480's and not water cool? I'm a noob at WCing but.... If I'm correct It'll probably take like a 120.3 rad to cool two 480s.
  7. a gpu and cpu "real watercooling" system - ~$500
    H70 mod - ~ 220$

    and no, the ecs is 390$ and the evga is 540$..
  8. I'm sorry but you will not even get 4.0 GHz with the H-70. (Actually you might for idle speeds but solid usage and gaming it will burn up if you don't have the temp controls set to on, and they throttle it back so you don't get 4 during heavy use). I see where you say modded, but if you're only going to add extra tubing and a reservoir then it's not going to make any difference, except in looks. You have to add radiators for the cooling. Could you spend some more on a case that already has the water cooling setup built in? It's gonna be expensive to water cool your system. Do you have like an Ebay or something like that? Here's a link to the Australia Ebay for a small system for under $200. It has a double rad and all. Add Some high performance fans to it and then you're getting somewhere. There's the MWave shop in Australia and I found this Thermaltake Big Water 760i Liquid Cooling System that you might like for only AU $246 that should work great if you really want to water cool. You might get some used parts for cheaper. I watercool myself so I know the price goes up and up as you build and improve.
  9. ^ Suteck, he is going to get the SB, it's going to work out. SB OC's to 4.9 on high end air cooling like NH-D14 So I think with the H70 he'd be fine. The GPU though I don't understand if your going to get a SUPER expensive full tower... Why not just get a full on WCing kit? You just are spending money you could just save. A Mid-tower and fit that 480 and that build. You could save some money by eliminating the Dominator GT's for Mushkin Enhanced. Of course if you have it down it Ausi. Also you defiantly do not need 1000w to power that system. Minimum I'd say like 750 or 800. But defiantly not 1000w... That's more money that could be put towards the WCing.

    Finally if your planning to get SB pre planning is useless because SB is going to be on a new socket. And I didn't see Asus planning for entry level ROG mobos as soon as SB releases. They only plan to release the Sabertooth, their Mainstream and the Extreme boards... So.... I don't think your going to be getting any cheap mobos either. All and all, I think your spending uneeded cash.
  10. aznshinobi, I made recommendations on the planned build so far. If he does choose the SB's when they come out and OP redefines his build I will then make recommendations based on that one - if I know anything about it. You're right on the PSU unless he's planning on 3-way SLI in the future, in that case leave it there. And I would keep the 480, no sense in kicking yourself later for going cheap now :non:
  11. o.O If he does do 3 way SLI his cards would probably get to 100*C on load... I'm just saying because it's a precaution. After all Fermi's do get super heat in SLI/Tri-SLI
  12. Yep, Then we can teach him how to water cool his video cards in that superexpensive case :sol: Cause when he has the money for all those cards he can afford some more radiators. fans and GPU water blocks!
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fy8AROQah0 ??????

    also, i'm going to go 480 sli in the future and i want want to trade the case out, i will go full water later on. When you say there will be no "ROG" asus boards, these arent entry level boards, where i am they range in the $400+ mark...
  14. Well ROG boards aren't worth what they cost. (In the US the Formula is considered an "entry level" board for ROG's lineup. The Extreme is the highest which is what I consider enthusiast/extreme. Also, ROG boards as I said aren't worth it. Sabertooth boards have the same capabilities, just as good OCing, and are half the price.
  15. aznshinobi said:
    Well ROG boards aren't worth what they cost. (In the US the Formula is considered an "entry level" board for ROG's lineup. The Extreme is the highest which is what I consider enthusiast/extreme. Also, ROG boards as I said aren't worth it. Sabertooth boards have the same capabilities, just as good OCing, and are half the price.

    I dont know why the extreme would be more "extreme". It has lower quality audio and only has one front usb header...

    I love the ROG boards.. my friend has one and it helped him with his first overclock (ROG connect). The red/black scheme is also what im after.
  16. How do you know it has lower quality audio?

    Also if you are really stuck on ROG then I won't try to convince you.
  17. hey.. why gtx 480.. ? you can buy a gtx 580 its 520$ check the price on tigerdirect.. ?
    heres a link - http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=6942947&CatId=3669
  18. ******* hell guys, not trying to sound like a dick but look at my name *not an american* im from australia where a gtx 480 costs 550$ and a 580 is 700$...
  19. ok guys, heres the new build.. hopefully you guys approve of it and the question, WILL I GET 4+ghz?
    Antec 1200 (rad/pump/res mounted @ back


    Swiftech MCR220 (Radiator with integrated reservoir and pump) 2x120mm
    Swiftech Apogee XT waterblock
    Alphacool UV Blue tubing
    Homemixed distilled water + anti corrosion

    Rampage III Formula

    Corsair Dominator GT 1600mhz CL7 (with airfan)

    Corsair HX-850W (apparently LinusTechTips says you can SLI 580s with this, is this true?)

    GPU: MSI GTX580 (found cheapest one for 600$) =D

    Other stuff: Liteon DVDRW Drive, NXZT sentry 2 fan controller, 1tb spinpoint f3
  20. Lol we didn't say your american. That guy just didn't read the thread before posting.

    It would probably get the job done, even to a 4.5 if SB really does OC that good.
  21. Looks good. Just make sure you jump off and run the pump through the water cooling system for about a day to check for leaks before you power up the board.
  22. so because this is an all in 1 radiator-pump-res, does that mean that i connect a tubing from rad - block then block - rad and thats it?
  23. Yes... But have you had experience with WCing before? I mean you should read up before you jumped into if you haven't. I assumed you have since you talked about modding an H70.
  24. yeah i have, im just not familiar with how the all-in-1 rad works. =S
  25. Is there a link to the setup you're buying? I can't seem to find one.
    Yes again, but make sure it's coming out of the radiator and going into the block not the other way around. What type of fittings are you using? Compression are the best and look the best also. No clamps to mess up the smooth lines.
  26. wait wait wait wait, hold up. I could save a bit of case and go haf 922 green watercool.. It photos it seems the 922's top is slanted slightly, will this affect the rad mounting?
  27. Wait what, I don't get where you got that from, what HAF 922 green? Also Umm the top is straight I'm pretty sure, lot of LCers use the HAF 932, but to my knowledge the 922 will work as well.
  28. nono, i mean add green loops, black fans ect. Just for color . XD.
  29. hey everybody, i just did a comparison for my absolute "top", "extreme", DREAM build.. this is what i came up with, i got prices from my aussie store umart.com.au and the american store newegg and I compared the prices

    Heres the "DREAM" build
    Corsair 800D
    Triple rad watercool loop
    Asus Rampage III Formula
    eVGA gtx580
    fan controller, dvdrw drive ect
    corsair hx-1000w
    spinpoint f3 1tb
    corsair 60gb ssd

    Australian website (cheapest in aus) : $2750 AUD
    American website (cheapest in us): $2314 AUD

    Now is it just me or am i paying an extra *~450$* dollars for no reason at all?... if i lived in the us i could nearly get another 580 for that... shet.
  30. US Gets most parts cheaper, from my knowledge. Do you have Wholesale in AUD, if not, then that's probably why. Newegg is a very cheap electronic parts retailer that buys wholesale so we get discounts. Also, alot of those parts in your build, I could get a full WC build (2x GPU & CPU) for a total of 2000$. So that's the thing that AUD is more expensive in my knowledge of parts.
  31. pretty much 1 us dollar = 1 australian dollar.. and yes, umart is the cheapest wholesale within 500 k's of where i am
  32. thead is dead.. =(
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