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Hi guys,
I know this might sound wacky, but are there any hardware-mod for the Ati HD5970?
i've pretty maxed out my card already, so i was wondering if i can push it even further..
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  1. MOD as in getting more performance from it?

    If you're pushing the HD5970 to it's performance limit and wanting more power, you probably need a second one. LOL Though I don't know why anyone would realistically need two of them for modern games, unless you're talking 3 monitors at very high resolution.
  2. Are you talking about a hardware mod as in a v-mod?

    You can use After Burner if you want to mess with voltages: http://www.overclock.net/ati/641299-guide-enabling-unofficial-overclocking-msi-afterburner.html

    Just make sure you know WTF you are doing.
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