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I currently have verizon fios with speeds of 35/20. I have 4 laptops and several small devices(ipods)etc all of which are wireless. The current router only supports the G protocol. Will it help the wireless laptop speeds if I purchase a N speed WAP?
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    I'm sure someone will provide a more technical answer but the weak link will be your router still. It will be talking to the WAP at G so your devices can talk to the WAP at N but WAP to Router will be at G. I'm not sure if the WAP via network control can be allowed to let devices on it talk to one another without going back to the router, but that would still only give you N speed at the LAN level, and only to those devices associated with that WAP - which I suspect would be a very limited app for the devices you list.
  2. hi normal G standard only gives a max of 54Mbps but N is exceedingly superior the router can only give u a max of 54Mbps wireless connection and the bottleneck will prevail regardless of your laptop adapter..however using an n standatd adapter is always recommended as u might use the laptop in other N standard wifi networks where it will prove an asset...
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