Why has memory got faster?

I had 4 Gb (2x2) of crucial ballisitx cl7 on my gigabyte mobo with an athlon 245 (2.9ghz) all standard settings no overclocking.
I have just installed another 2 x 2Gb crucial ballistix cl7 to give 8 Gb total. both 1333mhz

Now my windows experience value was 5.9 for memory, I just re-ran it and its leaped to 7.2! how come such a big leap? when there has been no speed increases.

although my desktop graphics looks a lowly 4.4!!!!! nothing to do with the ram, just thought i'd say. next is 5.4 so this value is quite low so my overall WEV is 4.4. it is using on-board graphics so I would expect it. I'm not a gamer so not bothered.
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  1. It didn't go up because of the speed of the ram that you added, that will under clock to the slowest stick. It went up because you now have 8GB and not 4GB of memory installed.
  2. but it says it measures memory operations per second. all sticks are the same speed, 1333 as I said.
    My memory was no where full at 4 Gb. it still has more than 4 Gb free.

    I was thinking is there some architecture effect going on from the chip/memory controller?
  3. But you now have double the ammount of sticks in your system so it can access the memory faster because it has more of it to access. It can access the other 2 sticks at the same time as the other 2 sticks. They are all clocked the same as the original 2 sticks but there are now more of them to access.
  4. The speed in this case is like adding a raid array for a HDD they can access more at the same time for a speed boost.
  5. my performance test software didn't measure any increase in its mem test, but maybe that does it more on a per stick basis than all 4 available to use.
  6. I wasn't expecting such an increase, but its still welcome! lol

    Not that the pc seems quicker, but its more about sum of the parts. it will help here and there anyway.
  7. 8GB is always more welcome to have than 4GB.
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