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I have a family 3 pack of windows 7 upgrade that I haven't opened yet. I've ordered a new mobo and components coming in the mail. I had vista basic before my old mobo died. I'm not going to use the vista license, so I would like to use the vista license as what I'm upgrading to window 7 from on my new build. Does anyone know how the upgrade works? Do I have to re-install the vista basic on the new computer or does the upgrade install just ask for the license number? I had heard the vista upgrade would allow you to proceed without using an old license. Does this work in Windows 7? I want a complete clean install, if possible.
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  1. I would just try it; windows will ask for the coa number early in the installation process; all versions of 7 I've used give you the clean install option. If you don't want to save any old files, you should be fine.
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