Advice on these components for future Sandy Bridge Build

So I'm going to build a sandy bridge rig once the new CPUs are realeased in january and I've been choosing my components I've come down to this list, it's not final cause I'd like some input first but I did some research in order to choose the parts. This is my first build my budget is about 1200 USD.

These are the parts, the ones im not sure of is the graphics card do you guys think getting a GTX470 would be better? Are there any projected prices for the HD6950?

And should I wait to buy the ram?
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  1. I think ram prices have bottomed out. My 1600 Gskilll was $50 for the 2x2gb kit, but 1333 will be fast enough, and may run at 1600 with some tweaking. You may also want to spend more for a retail boxed drive, just for the extra protection during shipping. I use the software with the retail boxed drives to prep the drive before using the windows cd.
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    If u aren't planning on SLI in future then 750w PSU is an overkill, CPU heatsink can be replaced with CM H212 while RAM should be replaced with a 1600Mhz model. 6870 is fine for now until 69xx cards are released.

    Its still a bit early to select components !!
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