Ati Radeon 5970 4gb Toxic, Problem

Hi guys, i am using new 5970 4gb Toxic for two days now. While playing games it always crashes and it writes "AMD - Display driver stopped working and has recovered". Then i went checking the temperature, idle is about 35C-40C. While playing GPU1 was even 90C is that too high i assume? And when reacing 97C crashes, but i saw crashing in Dirt2 at 70C, and went checking GPU2 was on 30C and always 0% Activity when GPU1 was on 99% activity. I am wondering now is GPU2 even enabled, can i enable it somehow? And if GPU2 would be enabled would be GPU1 less heated? Is there a solution to that? I saw too that Alot of people have problems with 5970 normal versions it is probably the same issue. Thanks again.

Really thanks for reading this and responding.

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  1. Whenever you update your driver , you want to also install the crossfire profiles pack
    This is what tells the driver to run dual gpu's. Whether its two 5870's in crossfire or a 5970.
    Without a profile, only one gpu will be used. If your in windowed mode, dual gpu's don't function. Only single gpu.

    Your temps are probably high as a result of the fans not spinning fast enough.
    You could learn to make a faster more aggressive fan profile that ramps the fan speed up as temps climb.
    But for a quick fix, just manually set the fan speed to 70% before gaming.
    Lots of people use msi afterburner to control fan speed and gpu overclocking.
    There are directions how to use this free software at MSI
    msi afterburner pdf
    msi afterburner review
  2. thanks! :) will try all that and report. thanks again
  3. it helped me to use GPU2 thanks, but still GPU1 very overheat even with 100% FAN speed. its about 90C in Crysis
  4. Does your case have airflow ?
    What size case do you have ?
    Is there a expansion card directly underneath the video card ?
    Try taking the side of your case off ?
    If under ideal conditions, you can't run without it getting to 90c fast ? The heatsink might be mounted faulty?
    This hsf combo should be cooling better than your reporting.
  5. Yes the case is big and has alot of airflow and aditional Fans but probably not aimed on graphic.

    have this case

    in this case the graphic is on downside and its not near anything to be blocking air supply.
    gonna try taking the side wall of case off.

    i hope its not the Gpu fault, first one i ordered it had heat fault when they tested and they had to order new one.

    thanks for helping me. :)
    I will report back.
  6. Back, tryed with no wall and its same :( checked air its cold. tomorrow someone will come check but i expect not good news after what i see now. :/
    really thanks for helping me. aa and i checked GPU2 was on some 50C, activity didnt see because not window mode. but still i heard that GPUs should be almost same Heat. If you get any news or you figure something out, please share :)
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