Asus Maximus iv extreme-z Crossfire?

Anyone here able to give me some feedback on how CrossfireX performs on this board?

If I go with SLI, will likely do 2x GTX 560 ti. Have been going with Nvidia cards for the past decade, but some of the benchmarks on ATI's cards look like they're scaling really well for Crossfire. Also taking price into consideration.

I was going to ask about the NF200 chip affecting ATI cards the same as Nvidia...but I think I'm reading it only comes into play on tri-sli or 3x Crossfire. Is that true?

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  1. Disregard, decided on Crossfire, 2x HD Radeon 6870.
  2. how did it go? someones telling me that i cnt crossfire 2 7970s on this board
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