I removed IDE HDD with Win98, replaced it with SATA HDD having WinXP. I get DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER when I first boot, but then I next do a Ctrl-Alt-Del and it boots up fine. New CMOS battery installed, did the Setup Utility Reset action, all to no avail. On Restart I don't get the message, but on a cold start I do. Any ideas?
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  1. Welcome, newcomer!

    the sata connection on your mobo is dodgy, replace the sata cable connecting the drive and rule out the sata cable as an issue.

    if the problem persists, get another clean sata HDD and see if you can install an OS on it.

    we don;t know your system specs...may we have them please?
  2. This can happen on an overclocked computer (intentionally or not) try loading the default settings in the BIOS or clearing the CMOS memory.
  3. It might be a bad operating system install. the boot sector needs to be rewritten which means a fresh install of XP
  4. Check the bios to see that the HD is not in AHCI mode but in IDE mode. Did you install XP or swap a drive with it on it? You may have to reinstall the chip set utilities.
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