I have a static IP network, but need wireless devices to automatically be assign

I have a static IP network, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my Linksys WRT54GS wifi devices to assign IP addresses to laptops to allow them to connect without having to constantly configure new devices. I want to do this also to allow guests the opportunity to use our network when presenting. Strong security passcodes will be configured if I can ever figure this out. I am a newbie with little to no formal training, trying to teach science and keep up with the school network. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have ordered new wireless N devices to keep up with changing technology, but need to learn the basics right now. Thanks.
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  1. If your network is set without DHCP, you won't be able to auto configure the laptops. You need to get a device that can assign the laptops an IP. Here is an issue you will run into, you will need to ensure that the DHCP scope does not contain the address you use for static IPs or you will have IP conflicts.

    You did not say how large an area you are covering or how your network setup is, so it's a bit hard to figure out all you need to do, but it won't be very simple as you need to intergrate whatever DHCP setup you pick into your existing network. Normally in a business, there is a dedicated DHCP server on the network, the wireless access points are connected that network and are configured to just pass IP traffic through. The clients then find the DHCP server and get an IP address from that. Even if there are static IPs on other systems, the DHCP server is working, the only difference is that the devices setup for static IP do not talk to it.
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