Rosewill 700W Green Series RG700-S12

I picked this up on newegg as part of a case/psu combo without doing much research. It installed fine and is running fine, but yesterday I was bored and read the reviews of the PSU. They don't look great. Several people said that not only did the power supply die after a short period of use, but it also damaged their motherboard in the process.

Now, I know very little about PSUs, this is actually the first 'nice' psu I've purchased. I usually just use whatever is cheap/comes preinstalled in a case. I've had 3 cheap PSUs die on me in the past, and nothing happened to any of the other components, so I guess my question is:

Am I taking a big risk by continuing to use this Rosewill PSU? If the PSU does die, is it likely to cause damage to other components?

Link to Newegg's page for the Rosewill PSU:

My system is:
Core i7-870
CoolerMaster Hyper 212+
Asus p7p55-d lx
Sapphire ATI 4670
G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2gb
Rosewill 700W RG700-S12
Rosewill Blackbone Case
WD Blue 500GB
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  1. It is always a risk to have substandard PSU´s but looking at your specs you are only using max about half its rated power (if that) therefore minimizing the risk compared to run it at high loads.
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    like rolli stated you won't be pushing that PSU hard and it did pass its 80 plus rating test to deliver efficient full power. its a solid enough PSU, i would not worry about it.
  3. i wouldnt worry about it as both as stated, but if u upgrade to a stronger cpu videocard, u might want to consider a better ps from seasonic or corsair, or xfx, since u can get a 80+silver rated powersupply for under 140$ from these companies
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