XP only boots to safe in new build

I finally upgraded my deceased system. I got some great advice here.

I went from:
Althlon 1800+
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
1.75Gb DDR 333
Radeon 9500 Pro
250Gb Maxtor PATA HDD
Lightscribe PATA DVD R/W
XP Home (32 bit)

Athlon II X4 640
MSI 785G-E53
2x2Gb DDR3 1600
40Gb WD400 PATA HDD*
Lightscribe PATA DVD R/W
XP Home (32 bit)

* (This has the O/S on it and I can only run 2 PATA devices at once, so I'm stuck with it until I can get things working and transfer to the Maxtor).

I've updated all the drivers Windows complained about from the mobo CD. I can get to safe mode with networking, but XP won't boot normally. I'm a bit stuck as to what to try next. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get start started troubleshooting this?

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  1. When you went to install old HDD with the new MB did you format it then install a fresh copy of XP? If not I think your OS is confused with the new and old drivers and the new bios.
  2. I did not do a fresh install. I thought I'd save myself some time...
  3. You can do a repair install, but a fresh install is the best.
  4. I would do a fresh install and then load all the drivers again. I think that will take care of your issue.
  5. ^+1 I would put the Maxtor in and do a fresh install. Once that was done I would unplug the dvd drive and plug the WD back in and do the transfer of any files and folders you want. Then I would go to ebay and buy a used/refurbished sata HDD and use it instead of the P-atas. HERE's a 500 GB 3.0 GB/sec for only $30 guaranteed not DOA. Or buy and put that one in first and do the install on that and then transfer data from both your old drives and use that one for main stream.
  6. Reinstall's proving awkward, since I don't have an install CD (it didn't come with one) and running winnt32.exe produced an error message saying "Setup cannot continue because the version of Windows on your computer is newer than the version on the CD" with the "Continue" button grayed out. Bah!

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I have seen that before and don't recall if I was able to beat it or not. I think you might need to buy or barrow a OS disk and licenses from someone. If you can spare the 100.00$ I think it would solve your issue to install a new OS onto a clean drive. The advice given to switch to the Sata and then transfer files after your system is up and running is good advice. Although I would look at buying a referb drive very carefully and consider spending 60.00 on a new drive rather than taking a chance on a referbed drive. But only due to the fact that I have never done that and therefor am not comfortable suggesting it. I know spending another 160.00 isn't attractive to anyone. Maybe a friend would let you burrow their OS disk so you can install a fresh OS to see if that works. If it does then you know and can buy your own?
  8. I have a legitimate licence key, so I shouldn't need to buy a new copy, right? Presumably I could borrow someone else's OS disk and tap in my own key.

    As for buying a new drive, I'd like to, but I promised my better half I could do this within a certain budget. For now, at least, I have to work with what I've got.
  9. Yep, legit copy and license means you're good. Did you say there is a bare drive available?? If so put it in and boot to CD/DVD drive and copy of windows. Load it, then the drivers. That should take care of your issues, I hope. Just re-read initial post. Put Maxtor inplace of WD and load up windows. Then drivers for MB. You can later put Maxtor into primary, disconnect CD/DVD and set WD for slave then move files into new Maxtor drive, format WD and hold it for back up drive in case you need it later. Reconnect CD/DVD drive and your good.
    Does that work in your head like it does in mine?
  10. You can go to kickasstorrents.com and download a non-hacked, not-cracked, OEM version of win XP from there. Also, get a copy of powerISO trial from here and use it to burn your XP to disk. Then do a new install. During install insert your key when asked and you will have a legal copy of XP. If it gives you trouble during registration call the number and explain that you put a new motherboard in. Too bad that $30 was too much, you would have liked the 500 GB on the S-ata
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