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I have a pc that has a Foxconn 2AAF motherboard, 4gb of ram and a Athlon II 2 220 processor.
Im looking to upgrade to get a graphics card but can't seem to find any info in the internet about my motherboard. I have tryed CPU-Z and it gives me no info.

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  1. Once you confirm your board uses ddr3, this board is a good low cost option, or this board which has more features and sata 6 and usb 3.0. For ram, this is one example of low cost ddr3 if you need it:
  2. Hey again

    Yeah its DDR3 ram can someone find me the specs of the board so I know what I can upgrade on it and what motherboard I need to support my current things
  3. If your system is hp, or dell, etc. then their website is the one that supports the motherboard. Asus probably doesn't even list it on their website. With your modest power supply, I would limit yourself to 95 watt cpus; even some of the new six core phenom II's are only 95 watts. Check the specs carefully.
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