How big can I go?

I am looking to build my first PC, but am running into some issues with my current system. I think my GPU may be the cause and am wondering if I can upgrade it now, and then build the rest later. But, I'm afraid that my Dell PSU may not be "big" enough to handle a higher GPU (you know how pre-fabs don't leave my room for upgrade). I'd prefer to not make my new build now (financial woes), but I also don't want to get a smaller upgrade to fix my current problem.

My current PSU is:
Dell model # L375P-00, 375W output

Ignoring all other considerations (which I know is hard to do)...what is the best ("biggest") GPU that I can get that will run with my current PSU?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    ATI 5770 or Nvidia GTS 450. either one is fine for gaming @ 1680 x 1050 or less resolution

    And it will work fine with the 375 output?
  2. Go ahead and buy a Thermaltake psu, I have one that 450w dual rail and it really good.
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