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My "Microsoft High Definition Audio Device" right channel (speaker) is working. The left speaker on the computer (tested with headphones & outside speakers) does not work. Also clicking on left/right speakers in the configuration computer test the left side doesn't work. Is there a fix?
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  1. My onboard sound does this EXACT THING.

    Here is a tip that MIGHT fix this and make sure you're careful: I just lightly kick/punch (seriously no joke) the right side of my computer case and the sound almost always kicks back in on both sides of my speakers. The right side is usually the side of the case the motherboard is on, that's why you hit that side. And when I say punch or kick, I mean as hard as you would your 12 year old sister.

    Like you mean it, damnit.... but soft since it's your annoying little sister :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
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