How often do you upgrade your graphics card?

Well, Simple how often do you upgrade your graphics card?
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  1. I picked the last one. Oh and good is not an adverb, it should be: "Until it can't run games well"
  2. Thanks ill fix it now.
  3. I pick the last one as well. I use my cards until it wont play goodernuff anymore, lol.

    On a serious note, I used to upgrade needlessly but that gets expensive. You learn your lesson eventually, sometimes, maybe...
  4. Well, for me its "when I want one and can afford one." lol.
  5. Until It cant run games well
  6. Quote:
    Well, Simple how often do you upgrade your graphics card?

    The last one is prolly the best answer, but I tend to skip generations as I don't think there's enough benefit going from one to the next. My HD 4850 will just have to do until the 6000 series comes out.
  7. We're on the same page!

    Whenever something good comes out that has more or better features, or provides a decent step up from my current hardware.. it's mine bwahahaw
  8. You are missing my choice: "Never".

    Either that or "When I build my next computer". :)
  9. When I can't play the games I want for the most part.

    I tend to view a lot of FS/FT forums. I was happy with my 8800GS for the most part, but saw a good deal on a 5750 for cheap. I was looking for a new card anyways to replace my wifes x1800XT, so I bought the 5750 and passed my 8800GS to her. The 5750 is enough card for me, so I don't see me upgrading again. (unless I see a great deal again...)
  10. bang for the buck cards get released annually (9600gt, 4850, gtx460), i tend to get them when i get the chance.
  11. Bought a 4 series card, then a 5 series, and plan on getting a 6 series. so its annual for me. Don't plan it that way, i just get so excited for the new cards. Now i know im doing that though, i'll probably stick to the mid-range cards (ie, 6770 or nv equivalent). since upgrading from a 4890 to a 5870 was not such a great idea, especially since i never use it anymore. Will be selling my primary rig and getting a 6770 for my HTPC, which will become my main gaming rig.
  12. I upgraded to a HD 4870 1GB from a 7800 GTX 256MB just because GTA IV asked me to..
  13. I remeber the good ol days where the 7800GTX was really good.
  14. Considering it lasted me a good 5 years, yeah, the 7800GTX was really a superb card.. However, the upgrade was required and the performance improvement that the 4870 bought with itself was tremendous.. However, i don't think this will last that long.. Graphical realism and complexity in games is increasing at a rapid rate which in turn is reducing the effective life span of video cards.. My next card may be due in another 6 months.. I hope Nvidia gets ready with their next gen cards by then..
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