Can you help me pick my motherboard

Ok, so I have 3 motherboards and they are REALLY CHEAP. Can you help me pick one for my budget build? Please do not suggest any other motherboards, just tell me which one is the best.
And can you give me a reason why you picked it?
Here are the links:

Mobo 1

Mobo 2

Mobo 3

I am using a phenom IIX4 840@3.2GHZ
AND USING 4GB RAM (2X2) I am going to upgrade to 8gb later (DDR3)
My VIDEO CARD is Radeon 5670 1GB DDR5

I am hesistant about buying Mobo 1 or 2 because they are really cheap. But maybe im wrong :P

I have my eye on Mobo 2 because of the memory supported. I want mobo 3 but it's pretty expensive, for my budget atleast. Thanks
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  1. Anyone there ?
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    Cool, what an interesting question :)

    I think mobo 2 is the best choice by far of these three (the MSI NF725GM-P43) because it supports a wider range of AM3 processors than the other two. All the way up to the 125 watt models, which is stellar for such a cheap board (the others only support up to 95 watt procs). So down the line if you get a hold of a cheap X6 1100T you could pop it in for an easy speed upgrade ;) Being able to support the higher wattage stuff probably means the build quality is better also. The MSI board also uses solid capacitors, which is a design point you normally see in higher end motherboards, and again that points to a potentially better quality of construction.

    The MSI (mobo 2) and Asus (mobo 3) boards come with a better audio chip than the Biostar (mobo 1) (Realtek ALC887 vs Realtek ALC662 on biostar), as well as gigabit (1000mbps) max lan speeds (biostar tops out at 100Mbps).

    The Asus board comes with an extra pci express x1 port, marginally better integrated video and 2 extra SATA ports (6 total) compared to the MSI, while the MSI board sacrifices 2 SATA ports (4 total) for PATA drive support, which might be good or not depending on if you have any pata drives lying around. All three boards come with 3 year warranties.
    So, my ranking would be;

    1) MSI NF725GM-P43

    2) ASUS M5A78L-M LX

    3) BIOSTAR N68S3+

    That MSI board is remarkably full-featured for such an inexpensive board, and really has everything one would need for the foundations of a very good build. Pretty amazing for $30(!!!). For perspective, the only thing you're gaining by going for far more expensive motherboards is more SATA, USB, and PCI/PCIe ports (and probably better overclocking), all of which you don't need for a gaming rig beyond what you get here.

    Hope that helps :)
  3. i will go with mobo3 because my experiencing with asus mobo.
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