Cl6 or cl7?


so I'm thinking of getting a new memory, what i want to know is: which of these 2 is the best.

if u have better options please do tell.

cpu: i7 2600k
mobo: asus P8Z68-V PRO

*note: rig is for gaming.
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  1. I will get this F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM,, if you only like gskill.

    after you read this,review-32168.html, you know why i take that memory.
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    CL makes little to no difference in games and usually has a huge increase in price. But you will preferably want to get 1.5v.

    I would suggest you make a thread in the systems-new build section so we could help you pick parts and stay organized in one place.
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  4. Thank you. I'll repost my question in system-new build section
  5. After the fact, but helpful.

    Great article -> ; ultra low CAS has it's place for multitasking intensive environments.

    This are may favorite set for the LGA 1155; F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM you do want at least 8GB for gaming especially with 64-bit games; see ->,2778-8.html

    BTW - don't forget to purchase a 64-bit OS ;)
  6. The answer, like in may things computing is, it depends....typically we will see only a 2-5 % performance increase in average fps.....but the increase in total system cost is less than that, then it is kind of hard to argue against the investment. In a addition usually where ya see an impact, it's on min fps more than average.

    In the above link, we see a 4.5% increase in min fps and that will come at an extra cost of $44 for 8GB. On a $2k box, that's a 2% increase in cost or about a 2 to 1 return on investment. Some would argue that you won't notice the difference, then again if ya spending $2k, ya ain't likely to notice the $44 :)

    Here's a other investigation where the results were a bit more dramatic

    22.3 % (SLI) increase in minimum frame rates w/ C6 instead of C8 in Far Cry 2
    18% (single card) / 5% (SLI) increase in minimum frame rates w/ C6 instead of C8 in Dawn of War
    15% (single card) / 5% (SLI) increase in minimum frame rates w/ C6 instead of C8 in World in Conflict

    Here's what I am currently putting (All DDR3-1600) in my builds:

    $50 CAS 9 Corsair Low Profile Vengeance 2 x 4GB

    $65 CAS 8 Corsair Low Profile Vengeance 2 x 4GB

    $95 Mushkin Low Profile Raddioactive or Redline
  7. I keep seeing your post and assume it translates to ALL MOBO's, but it doesn't with the LGA 1155. The 'fixed' BCLK and to a degree the SB IMC of the LGA 1155 has more like a wall with DDR3-1600 CAS 8/9. On anything else that allows BCLK/FSB adjustment i.e. higher settings then sure you get the additional FPS above a ±1~±2 which is within the margin of error.

    Thomas's review showed the same results ->,2907-8.html

    'Hopefully' this will change with the SB-E / LGA 2011 with an adjustable BCLK.
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