How to use memory instead of pf usage??

hi guys...,,im running on win xp sp3 and im confuse about this pf usage...i have 1 gb memory ram and why i cant use it...when i click on task manager and go to performance tab then instead of total memory ill see there but its pf usage..??
can anybody explain to me if memory and pf usage are the same??
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  1. Pagefile is storage on the HDD that is used by some program to run on apart from the RAM, it is also used when RAM is full.

    You are likely you use all of your 1GB RAM and spill over to use the pagefile. Pagefile is on the HDD so performance will be slow.

    I suggest you to get more RAM if your mobo can support more RAM.

    If you require further help, list your system specification and what you use your computer for.
  2. ok what i mean is when im on win 7 and im going to taskbar instead of page file its memory ram...when im going to win xp its pf file..,,,

    well i have 1 gb memory ram
    amd sempron 2.75 ghz
    geforce 210 1 gb 1000 mhz
  3. and is it ok when my cpu is on 100%??
  4. Huh? I don't understand the explanation on the RAM/pagefile issue. Can you post a screenshot?

    CPU shouldn't be 100% all the time. But we will sort out the RAM problem first.
  5. if you want to use ram but do not want to allow paging to hdd go to my computer properties then click advanced system settings and then in the advanced tab.
    now click on the settings button under the performance section now again go to advanced tab under newely opened dialog then click change under virtual memory section click on all the drives on by one and click set with no paging file selected for each drive.
    beware you must have 2 gb or more ram to do this. otherwise you can get performance hit.
  6. pyree....when im booting on windows 7 and go to taskbar performance tab then i see the memory..,but if i go to windows xp and go to taskbar>performance instead of memory that i will see there its pf usage..,
  7. rbsoft....well i have only 1 gb is it ok??
  8. Oh, ok. I went to check my xp machine and I see what you mean. Don't worry about it. They are named differently (I see pf for xp and memory for 7) but they both show the combined (RAM + pagefile) space on the full bar gauge and the lit up bit is how much memory you are using.

    No, don't turn off pagefile. I told you, you are very likely to run out of RAM and use pagefile.

    If you turn your pagefile off, you will almost be certain run into system stability issue!!!

    Get RAM upgrade, you will see faster performance. I really don't think you are safe to turn off pagefile until you get 8GB or more.

    Even if you do turn off pagefile because you have enough RAM, there isn't much gain from doing so. IMO, the most honest article on whether you should turn on or off pagefile on a traditional mechanical HDD is this one:

    I personally don't turn it off even I have lots of RAM because some program will use it even if you have enough RAM. Finding which program use it and which don't is just too much effort for me and there isn't any real performance gain by doing that.

    So, in conclusion to above, if you are running out or RAM, find out what type of RAM your mobo support and get some more RAM.

    Ok, for the 100% cpu usage. Can you find out what process is hogging up the resource in process of task manager (show process from all users)?
  9. no it's not ok to turn off page file untill you have atleast 4gb ram.
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