Ocz ddr2 sli 6400 not working properly with p5q-e!!

yestday i got new ocz ram but i constantly have blue screen all the time with it .
so i enterd the motherboard bios but i couldnt understand how to time the ram .
i really need help !!
by the way i also have a diffrent ram with the ocz , its corsair ddr2 with 4-4-4-12 timing .
does this meen it has some sort of conflict with the ocz .
thanx .
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  1. Try each stick one at a time and run memtest to check for errors. I wouldn't pay extra for any ram that's rated at a higher speed than the board can handle. Try finding a memory qvl for your board on asus website. Ocz ram seems to have more issues than some other brands. I use corsair, kingston, patriot, and gskill brands.
  2. thanx for the reply, but would be nice if someone whos experience with p5q-e motherboard , its really fast and high quality ram too based on the review .
    so much apreciated for any one who is willingly to give some of his time helping me .
  3. This list of the ram qvl includes ocz, but no manufacturer can test them all. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5QE/#MSL/ . You can manually set the ram voltage easily. Ddr2 starts at 1.8 volts, but some are spec'd at higher voltage. Check your ram label and try setting the voltage in manual mode in your board bios.
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