Wireless to separate building on separate power

Hello, searched but couldn't find my exact scenario. I have DSL 2-wire Gateway,
I want to boost the wireless signal in the house and also provide conectivity to
two barns on separate power sources about 300 feet away. Once in one of the
barns I want to use wired and wireless devices. I have a BFW11S4 I'd love to
reuse. Preference is for low cost solution as barns are just for car stuff, but
I do want a solid wireless signal (I can get a very weak signal to the closest
barn now with the upstairs door open. The house is old with lots of lead
windows etc. so even with the 2-wire 20 feet away in another room I get a so so
signal. It doesn't help that 2-wire has not external antenna. So I thought I
would boost at the house as a starter. I can see where I could put in more
components than I need so I'm searching for the fewest moving parts solution.
Thanks for any help.
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  1. To boost signal from one wireless point to another wirelessly, both devices must support WDS.

    Otherwise you can link two wireless routers by wire and the second one should increase wireless coverage.
  2. Thanks for the reply but this won't do exactly what I want. I can't run a wire to the barn due to ground differential potential with the buildings being on two different power sources and grounds.

    Just putting a second wireless router in the house as described in the link will allow me to use another antenna on the BFW11S4 and probably improve my wireless reception in the barn, I still want to create a wired access point once the wireless signal is received in the barn. I don't want to have to add a bunch of wireless cards to existing PC's as well as old Apples that don't have USB support.
  3. "I can't run a wire to the barn due to ground differential potential with the buildings being on two different power sources and grounds."

    That happens within my apartment -- tried to run two TVs off one antenna and observed a spark as I plugged the antenna connector to the second TV.
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    Ok, just a note: It does not matter about the grounding when using Ethernet cable.
    Second, at 300 FT, you could probably get away with a high gain 2.4ghz outside omni directional AP. Mount this on top of the house and call it a day. I'd use a Bullet M2HP with Airmax turned off, attached to a 14dbi or higher antenna at max power. Wood buildings wont be a problem as long as it doesnt go through more than 2 or so walls.
    As far as "Solid" goes, if you want absolutely PERFECT signal in each building, you're gonna have to setup a PTMP wireless distribution system, with one ap at the house and others at the separate buildings, then go back to a wired network and run it in to a new wireless.. if this is the case I'd use 5.8Ghz equipment for the PTMP and standard b/g/n for the AP's.
    But again, wire if you can, its always cheaper. I've been doing this for 16 years and have never seen ethernet be affected by a different ground or any other kind of grounding issue.
  5. Thanks for the detailed input.

    Since posting this and not getting any reponses I did some more wandering around and it looks like I will be able to use some Zyxel's in AP and Repeater mode basically accomplishing what you outlined.

    I hear you regarding experience, and don't want to contradict that, but I am in an area where I have had lightening him grounded cable tv input resulting in HDMI ports from DVR's taking out TV's, in some cases just killing the HDMI in others the whole TV. That is with all of these devices plugged into UPS' due to losing so much equipment to lightening hits.

    What I have read on cabling boards is that the ground differential will increase the probability of equipment taking a hit. The lightening is going to be seeking the best ground protential, and if that is in the other building, it's going to follow that wire.

    I think I will try the 2.4Ghz solution before stepping up to the higher expense of a 5.8Ghz solution. The ZyTel's are only $40 and just adding one as an AP in the house has given me a fair to good signal in the barn.

    Thanks again for the great detailed response.
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