Uninstalling and installing ATI drivers for my computer PROBLEM

Hi! I have a computer that comes with a discrete graphic card and a integrated graphic card. ATI 5730 and GMA HD.

The ATI 5730 Driver it came with is wierd and I am unable to update it >_> SO I want to uninstall the driver and install a new one. When I uninstalled the driver, I wasn't able to install the ATI drive... because my graphic card becamae integrated, when I tried installing the driver, the computer thinks I'm trying to install the driver to my GMA HD and it would not let me install it! The Ati 5730 dosen't exist anymore pretty much...

ITs an laptop and its

Lenovo y560
ati 5730
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
320gb 5400RPM

I was able to get it working after using the System restore Point thingy,
But i would still like to uninstall and install a new driver
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  1. Dear my friend.....

    1. If uninstall driver manualy, first to go the safe mode and no to main windows to uninstall it.

    2. download Ati Uninstall Tool and all ok

    3. after install the new driver.....all ok
  2. download Ati Uninstall Tool there.......

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