Computer Boots, but no case fans

spent 8 hours last night wiring together my new server/pc in an antec 900.

i can't figure out how to put together the case fan.

The plugs are double sided and a case fan can plug into another case fan.
The way i have it setup right now is. all 4 fan plugs are connected together, at the end i have a adapter that plugs into the last case fan, and then splits into 2x 4 pin adapters that i have correctly plugged into the mobo.

I also have a power supply adapter that coul plug into as well. But when i plug that in at the very end (after the 4x case fans, then the mobo pin adapter) i don't post.

i'm really confused i've setup a lot of fans before but never with a modular power supply.
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    What power supply are you using? Does it have its own 8-pin cpu 12V connector? If not, it might be better to use one socket of the power supply for that, and a different one for the fans.
  2. ya my problem was connecting a adapter to the main board when i didn't need too. When i went straight from power supply to the fans i got it. I also didn't know that you could daisy chain the fans.
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