Dell Optiplex360 MT Graphic card upgrade ?

I have an Optiplex360 in Mini Tower case with a 255W PSU and the question is can this Dell work fine with a GT240 card like "ASUS ENGT240" ?
is the 255W PSU capable to handle any card with the GT240 GPU ? or do I have to stick to the much lower 210 ??? from 210 to 240 as I know there is no need for extra Power connection , at the sticker in the PSU is written : "MAX combined consumption should NOT exceed 121W"

So what you say, can I buy the card ????

Thank you in advance.

The specs of my Dell :
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  1. According to this the whole system will draw 208 watts under full load,2704-14.html
  2. thank you all for the reply, I finally bought a 220GT equiped with 1GB DDR2 and works just fine with my Core2Duo CPU.
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