What graphics card should i get for starcraft 2

what graphics card should i get to increase fps on starcraft2. im running vista 64 bit
4 GB ram
intel core 2 duo T6400 @2.00GHz
i currently have a chipset
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  1. What resolution do you play at? Also, what power supply do you have?
  2. i have the PNY GTX 295x2 and no problem to the games...if take low value card take nvidia series 2xx or 4xx....... is your choice
  3. im not sure on my power supply
  4. and i play with everything at low
  5. If you have $200 USD get a GTX 460 1gb no questions asked. I bought one for my recent build and it handles the game on all ultra settings, with avg fps being 60+. And I play with EIGHT players at once. It's an amazing card.
  6. im looking at like 100$ to 150$. and are they hard to install
  7. look what aplications work in backround......and closed.....run start menu msconfig-sartup menu
  8. the card is the only thing that can be causing low FPS right? like average of 20 fps
  9. i did that i close everyting that doesnt need to be
  10. you have made defrag the hard disc?
  11. ya ive tried all that stuff. thats why im leaning toward that i need a new graphics card. but i know nothing about computers. well the hardware anyway
  12. pls write what pc configuration you have 1-1 grafic card, etc
  13. I think that your card it does not have harware acceleration and perhaps thus is explained the question
  14. all i know is what i have written in question. how do i find pc configuration and all i know about graphics card is its a mobile intel 4 series express chipset. GMA 4500MHD total graphics memory 1759MB dedicated video memory 128MB system video memory 0MB shared system memory 1631 MB. idk if tht helps
  15. tvgprophet said:
    im looking at like 100$ to 150$. and are they hard to install

    At that price range I'd go for this baby: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102898&cm_re=Radeon_HD_5770-_-14-102-898-_-Product

    It's $140 USD after mail in rebate and it's a sick card for the money. To answer your other question video cards are ridiculously easy to install.
  16. that card will increase FPS?
  17. my friend no...intel grafic card they do not make for games.......no harware acceleration.. change grafic card if i can
  18. how do i know what card i can get and what card i cant get
  19. starcraft 2 etc do not make for laptop.. a lot few laptops make for games
  20. tvgprophet said:
    that card will increase FPS?

    OH HELL YES. Right now you're running on integrated graphics, which are horrible. (I feel your pain because my old laptop was using integrated graphics)

    You're FPS and graphics will sky rocket with that card.
  21. if you have laptop
  22. so i wont need anything else? just that graphics card, which i should be able to install myself?
  23. yes and will not exist problem
  24. thanks everyone
  25. Get a GTS 250, they are pretty strong and some of there brands actually come with Starcraft 2.
  26. can you do this to a laptop because i just read that you cant because its soldered to motherboard.
  27. tvgprophet said:
    can you do this to a laptop because i just read that you cant because its soldered to motherboard.

    Oh, I was under the impression you had a desktop. In that case you're right it's soldered on your motherboard and you won't be able to upgrade. Sorry man.
  28. dang that sucks. is there anything i can do to laptop to increase fps
  29. sorry i forgot to mention it was laptop. my bad
  30. tvgprophet said:
    sorry i forgot to mention it was laptop. my bad

    The only way to upgrade a laptop is to buy a new one...

    *Expect for high end gaming laptops... but we know you don't have that or you would not have any problems playing SC2*

    There is a reason most people prefer desktops...

    We can upgrade them for alot cheaper then buying a whole new one.. :bounce:
  31. ya i agree but its hard to lug a desktop to college lol
  32. You can't leave it in your dorm room? Or where ever you sleep?

    And just have laptop for class?

    I guess money upfront would be an issue.. but it would cost less then a new laptop =P
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