New card causing boot/freezing issues, goin crazy.

So after Having issues on my old rig with the xfx 5770 it was working ok. I was playing games fine. I got a new comp, specs below

amd phenon x6
gigabyte 770t usb3
650w corsair
4g corsair ram
windows 7 64bit
saphire ati 4450(stock card)

So after a week of the computer running fine, I decided to install the 5770 as stalker was choppy on the small stock card. I installed the new card after uninstalling the drivers (although both cards use the same driver so it really should not matter). It worked fine in game for 20 minutes until it froze, loud buzzing and automatic restart. I tried every game I have, fallen earth is the worst it loads the game world, take one step and it crashes the computer. I have since tried uninstalling driver/safe mode/drive sweep, reinstall to no avail. Now the bigger issue. I decided to say screw the card I'll return it for something else. but after re-installing the old stock card and drivers, its doing the same thing! and computer is not booting at times after the crash and has to be shut off and turned back on. I ran a mem test (windows) it did say found something but never saw a report of it as I was out of the room.

Computer seems work fine for browsing, and non gaming ( good thing for school) but I gotta get my game on!

help me out. thanks. forgive me if few things are not correct (like mobo number) at work cannot remember exact number
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  1. Could be a ram failure. I would easter egg by pulling one ram stick and checking for stability then the other. Ram failure is a fairly common issue. Since the old card is displaying the same symptoms as the new card, I think its ok to assume that its not the video card for now.

    The memtest you could run again on each stick.

    Have you tried rolling back the catalyst drivers? What version are you currently using? I have heard of many folks having issues with 10.8, 10.9, etc.
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