Just put together first build...HELP PLEASE!

just finished my first build. when i hit power button everything appears to power up but i can't get anything to show up on monitor. ive tried connecting to a tv with hdmi and to a monitor with vga but nothing. my psu has a 20 pin connector and a 4 pin connector wrapped up in the same bundle of wires so i assume those plug in to the 24 pin connector on mobo. there is also another 4 pin connector that i have tried plugging in to an 8 pin connector on mobo. what are typical troubleshooting steps?
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  1. i don't hear a beep from my mobo. what does this mean? also i tried resetting cmos, but can someone provide step by step instructions for this to make sure i did it right?
  2. I suggest you read your motherboard manual and make sure you have all your power connectors hooked up properly.

    And what exactly is happening when you push the power button, does anything come on? fans,

    Is this a Intel board or a AMD board.

    If its intel you will need to connect both the 8pin EATX12v and your 24pin connectors or your system wont boot.
  3. amd board. yes all fans come on.
  4. also, my power button wont turn off my computer when i hold it down, i have to flip switch in back
  5. ^disregard above comment. power button powers off computer after i plugged in additional 4 pin connector to an unused 8 pin outlet on mobo. my reset button on case doesnt work though but led's are working.

    here is some basic info on build

    MB ASROCK M3A770DE 770+SB710 RT

    CPU AMD|ATH II X3 450 3.2G AM3 RT

    GPU HIS|H577FK1GD HD5770 RT

    PSU FSP|SAGA+ 450R 450W RTL

    monitor is 32" sony bravia lcd tv

    my psu to mobo has a 20+4 pin connector and another 4 pin connector connected to an 8 pin mobo outlet. is this normal?

    my mobo won't post even without gfx card and ram. (it won't beep at all) so i think problem is "narrowed" down to cpu, psu, or mobo. any ideas?
  6. your probably missing a power connector on your motherboard that should be connected, read your motherboard manual and make sure everything is connected. also double check that everything is connected firmly.

    Also double check the pins on all the power cables that they are all in place.
    I once had a hard drive i couldnt get to power on and it turned out to be that one of the pins on the power connector had slipped slightly out of the power connector.

    and again i recommend that you read through the motherboard manual very carefully.
  7. local store told me i had bent pins on cpu. is it possible to bend pins back into place successfully?
  8. rajohns08 said:
    local store told me i had bent pins on cpu. is it possible to bend pins back into place successfully?

    possible yes,
    likely no,

    pins on cpu's today are very very thin and break easily when bent. You can give it a shot but be very careful not to bend other pins while your doing it. And your going to have to be very precise when bending them back in place. Just some future advice you should never have to apply any force what so ever when inserting a cpu, they just simple fall into place if it doesnt then it most likely not properly oriented. You have to be very careful handling cpu's today, there so small now that you can bend them with the slightest of touch. Its a expensive lesson.
  9. store actually bent them back for free and got it working
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