Logitech Wireless USB Mouse Randomly Freezing

Yeah, this doesn't exactly fit in this spot of the forum, but it's the best I could find.

I'm new to the forum anyway, so bare with me.

I just got a Logitech MX 1100 wireless laser mouse. Got rid of my old PS2 ball mouse and replaced it with this one. One problem: it randomly freezes and chokes up every now-and-then. Mostly when I play games, not so much when doing regular stuff like web-browsing, although it still happens.

I have new AA batteries. It has a good, solid connection, it has been synced, and so on. Originally someone told me the problem was that my PS2 mouse driver was still enabled, so I managed to disable it in the Device Manager, but it didn't do a thing. My new mouse still freezes here and there.

I mean "freeze" as in "stop working". I'll be moving the mouse across the screen, and sometimes it just stops completely. I wait a bit then I get connection back.

It isn't being shut off or anything, since I never see the "USB unplugged" notification. I looked at the Logitech Connect software that came with the mouse, and just as it froze up once, and the word that said "Active" then said "Inactive", but then it went back to active and the mouse started working again. It only freezes up for like a second, then goes back to normal. It happens like every ten seconds when I play games.

What's really weird is that earlier today I was playing a game and my mouse was fine for like ten minutes, but then later it just started freezing up every eight seconds, squiggling, sputtering and choking. What do I need to do? I've tried inserting the receiver into different spots, yes, I know all the tricks to do first, but everything is fine and now I need a little more of a deep answer to my question. Help.
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  1. Hey, I'm having the exact same problem.

    I've checked the regular items, new batteries, different usb ports, etc. Mine though is with the Microsoft Arc Mouse. I found this post:


    It seems to be as much an Operating system problem in Win7 as it is a mouse problem. I'm running Win7 Enterprise 64-bit on my desktop and it has this "freezing" issue. However my laptop running Win7 Pro 64-bit, I never have an issue. There was also a forum I found mentioning that the mouse runs fine in Linux, as long as you unplug the connector and replugging it in.

    Link's here:


    Anyways, I can't seem to find a fix for this, and any help would be appreciated.
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