Cheapst 5850 ?

hi guys whats the CHEAPest model of 5850 ? & is there any performance diffrence between best model & cheapest one ?
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  1. There's so many model of HD5850, can you show us the links for those cards?
    Different store has different prices for each card with the same model, so tell us where did you looked those HD5850s?

    To answer your 2nd question, it's all depend on model, cooler and warranty...
  2. -but from the comments i read that it has problems with multiple monitor setup..but not all, anly a few.

    Or this but for crossfire the cooling is not that good.
  3. u know unfortunatly im living in ( IRAN ) . highest price of 5850 is ASUS & GIGA in here . i was looking for cheaper but not worse 5850 , if its posible to find such thing then ill dont go for ASUS . because its ( let me tell u with numbers ) 400 & xfx is 360 i found Sapphire Vapor X 310 but prices are diffrente somewhere say 350 , & other where they priced it about 335 . so just wanna know if there is abailable option in 5850 BRANDS which is cheap & doesnt have Perfromance diffrence . did i make it more clear , sorry if i cant tell u what i was meaning ?
  4. ASUS, GigaByte, XFX, HIS, Sapphire are good brand and they're make quality product...
    So, tell us all the model of HD5850 that suit your budget here...
  5. i can get ASUS . but cheaper is better . now tell me is OC ed version better than natrual one ? does it worth to get OC ed version ?
  6. because i'm sure that i can OC it by myself then i wouldn't get OCed version, just get normal version and you can OC it by yourself.
    Seriously, HD5850 is FAST enough to play any games with decent setting at high resolution...
  7. u know , i am not sure i can do this risk , I have never OCed any hardwares . should i spend a Classes about it or i can OC it by my self so easy ? Ok ok .. what if i cant OC it ? will OC ed version be better option , or natrual brands are better any way?
  8. Ha ha ha..

    The question is do you want to overclock?
  9. i dont think so , because i believe that single 5850 can provide me because i am suing 1440 REZ .but i tough that OCed version is much better . but if single 5850 can solve my needs then why i should get OCed version which make more heat ?
  10. If the difference in speed from the reference one is big then it is worth. For 25 Mhz or something like that not worth, especially if it is more expensive.
  11. can single 5850 provide me atall ? ( i mean natrual brand } . then please suggest me Good Brands . oh but away what do u think about Sapphire Vapor X ? is it OC ed or natrual ?
  12. If you really play only at 1440 resolution then you DON'T HAVE to OC HD5850, it's an overkill...
    HD5770 or GTX460 is more than enough to maxed out everything at that resolution...
  13. Actually he should get the 5850 if he can afford it. I have the 5770 and i must say i wish i had a 5850. I can not play a few games with the settings i want.

    Yes the vapor-x is a good card. It probably has 10Mhz more then the regular witch stands for nothing but the cooling is one of the best out there. Depending if you find a brand that offers more warranty and is good with customer service get that one.

    My 5770 is vapor-x. But it is not a card that you can change the voltage of the GPu so it has a limit to how far you can overclock it. But in your case that should not matter.
  14. Thanks a lot for all INFO . i
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