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Hi, i am planning to get the dell xps 8300 (i7-2600, 16gb ram, 2x 1tb HDD) but they come with the ati radeon series graphic card. am planning to use this pc for video editing. anyone know if this xps8300 can fit in nvidia gtx 470 as am not sure if the power supply etc can support? thanks.
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  1. you would need to upgrade the PSU, its only 460w on that model. I would suggest the GTX 460 instead or AMD 6850. either card will fit but the real question is, if all you plan to do is video editing then why not just use the AMD 5450 that comes with the PC?
  2. hmm i opt for the nvidia due to the CUDA tech stuff they have that will benefit the editing process. but its a pain coz dell is not giving any nvidia options...
  3. assuming you don't game, the Nvidia GT220 will meet your needs and no need for a PSU upgrade.

  4. hmm but GT220 seems quite 'old' and less powerful? :P yes i dont game. the video editing job is quite heavy though... i tried checked the xps 9100 as well which has 525w psu but then again, they will not bundle it with the i7-2600 and still is ati card too... :cry:
  5. its fairly new and a bit more powerful then the ATI 5450. if you want more power and a newer card, try the GTS 450. you can find one at around $100, it will work on that PSU and its actually a decent gaming card.
  6. that's mean for the xps8300, my best option for card will be GTS450? hmm... for the xps9100@5252 psu, can the gtx470 fit in well? thanks so much for ur prompt reply :D
  7. Dell now offers the GTX560ti as an option on the XPS8300, but the computer still only comes with a 570W power supply, and nVidia recommends 500 W. Does anyone have experience with this combination? One tech support person at Dell said that they would not offer it if it did not work. A second tech support person said that with the lower power the card would run at only 70% of its capabilities?!?!! Any suggestions?
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