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P5g41t-m computer crash no video Hard drive wont boot


I have an issue with a new system of mine, I just switched out my mobo for a different one. I have a new mobo in my machine as well as new RAM. I had the machine up and running for about 2 hours before it just shutdown, then reboot itself. After the reboot I don't have any video at all anymore, nor do the hard drives boot up. This is a custom made machine, I'm not really sure what happend to be honest. I was playing my game online when the machine just quit on me, now when i turn it on nothing happens, no boot up, no video nadda. any suggestions?
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    It looks like overheating and a burnout..... that's the sad part.....
    The good news is if you still have your old mobo, try taking the parts out and putting it on the old mobo and try a spare PSU if you have one....
    After you get the results of this trial we'll be able to let you salvage whatever is usable on the rig.......
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