Hd2600 pro Vs hd4550

a simple benchmark of unigines heaven,tropics demos would tell the tale of which is better. but id like to throw out the question anyway.

id like to keep a friend of mine afloat with a graphics solution ample enough to play some games at 800X600.

the 4550s passively cooled but has 512ddr3 the 2600 has 256 of ddr2.
but has a lil fan heatsink on it.

4550 has 80 stream processors
2600 has 120 stream processors

both are dx10
both are pciex16

4550 is 64bit 55nm
2600 is 128bit 65nm

personally i think the 2600 would be better for the lite gaming the prospective client is looking for
I think it handles better despite its 256mbs of ddr2 memory.

i'll do the side by side benchmark comparison some day.

the 2600s not all that bad at folding@home offering up +/-400ppd

2600pro has replaced a 2400xt i had been using for a secondary background folding gpu 2400's are hybrid crossfire compatable but its gains were very minimal.

its no so much an issue but a pondering of gains from hd4550 or 2600pro.

2600pro was a random good find for 40$ flat brand new in box random old stock.
yay cheapness!
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  1. have you already bought the card? you can get a ddr2 hd4650 for $49. hardly uses any power but will play all games at 800x600 fine. the ddr3 version is better but it also costs around $15 more.

  2. HD4650 can be had for less than $40 after MIR http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102829
    Ups same card!
  3. thanks folks agreed a 4650 would have been a much better choice but availability and the timing worked out in 2600s favor.

    i did a little testing in the time i got with the hd4550 512ddr3
    under the heaven benchmark
    4550 score 345points
    2600's score was 457points

    thanks again for your insights
  4. lol no c'mon now age of reduce reuse id find a home for it sooner than throw them out.
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