450w psu to run a gtx460

i'd like to change my graphic card to a better one

i have a gt230 and would like to go for a gaming card such as the msi gtx460 cyclone for instance

the processor is i believe pretty demanding of power (core i7 920 @2.67)

the psu is a FSP 450w

i don't understand the amps requirement

here is what i read on the 12v of the psu:

12v1 .....18A

I'd like some advice to understand if it could work and maybe some explanation about the amps calculation

thank u
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  1. Can you show us the link for your PSU?
    We need more info...

    But looking at that specs: 18A on each 12V rails for 450W PSU is good.
    So if that's true then you can run GTX460 with that PSU... :)
  2. wa1 said:
    Can you show us the link for your PSU?
    We need more info...

    But looking at that specs: 18A on each 12V rails for 450W PSU is good.
    So if that's true then you can run GTX460 with that PSU... :)

    thank u wa1 for ur reply

    PSU: FSP450-60EP at 450W max and 500W peak, with the following stats (I just read those from the power unit's side, don't know their meaning)
    +3.3V: 16A
    +5V: 20A
    +12V1: 18A
    +12V2: 18A
    +5Vsb: 2.5A
    -12V: 0.5A
    (the psu does have 2 black 6pin connectors)
    What do u think?

    and is a gtx 460 a good choice?

    the cyclone looked attractive but if there is something that u think would be a better choice , please tell me

    (my computer is connected to my tv and i'd like to play with a resolution of 1920*1080)

    thank u again
  3. Thermal and Power Specs:
    Maximum GPU Tempurature (in C) 104 C
    Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 160 W
    Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 450 W
    Supplementary Power Connectors 6-pin & 6-pin
    The above was taken from the following link
    While I am not the expert in this thread I wonder if it is wise to run at minimum requirements.
    I think it also depends are how the rails are used too. I think some PSU's have a dedicated rail(S) for PCIe leads. If that were true then the 18 Amps might not be enough. I thought I read a min of 24 AMP's recommended for the GTX460.
    Anyway, just my humble newbie opinion.
    IMHO the 460 is an excellent card and is the best P/P ratio currently available.
    Also, tyr a PSU calculator, I believe Antec.com has one. Just dont under power your system, I know from experience how that works out.
  4. thank u for ur replies
    what do u mean u know from experience what happens when u underpower ur system ; what happened to u?
  5. The power requirements are for the system as a whole and their test systems are absolute beasts running intel extreme edition CPUs so he really isnt running it at the minimum requirements at all.

    People need to learn how GPUs get power, they get 75W from the motherboard, each 6 pin can provide an additional 75W of power(6.25A @ 12V), and each 8 pin provides up to 150W(12.5A @ 12V), the amp ratings they list are for the system as a whole since the GTX 460 uses about 160W(13.3A @ 12V) total. 2 18A rails are plenty and you dont risk over drawing the rails at all, you will be fine.
  6. System was intermittantly unstable and I couldnt figure out why. I drove some guys on here crazy as they tried to help me. I RMA's my CPU, and was about to RAM my MB. I got lucky when the PSU smoked and quit working. I say lucky because it didnt take anything with it. I bought a quality 550 watt antec and have been stable since then. I will never go cheap on a PSU again.
  7. All right then. Thanks for the lesson.
  8. thank u all for ur help
    i'll give it a try and see how it goes (i've gained some confidence :p

    anyhow as soon as i get the card i'll let u know how the whole system is performing

    now i'm wondering which gtx 460 to choose but i'm quite seduced with the cyclone

    i'll make some further research and can't wait to have it all sorted

    thanx agaain everyone
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