Amd patin couffin engine for 64 bits system

What is for. It help`s my Phenom 9600 to work beter with my ASUS m2n68-am se2 motherboard?
Because I`ve changed an ASUS DELUXE famuly motherboard when it stoped working for this cheaper model.
My computer never worked the same with many applications at the same time. Then TUNE UP 2010 find a problem with "PATIN COUFFIN ENGINE for 64 bits (Amd).
I want to know if the motherboard is the problem of compatibility with my Phenom 9600.
And what really is for patin couffin 64 bits engine.
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  1. PATIN COUFFIN ENGINE is nothing to do with AMD and is normally installed by DVD burning/copying software.

    Download and run VSO Inspector, if something is missing, it will install the latest version, like the Patin-Couffin driver.
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