$750 Gaming PC (AMD Build)

Approximate Purchase Date: January 2011

Budget Range: $750 (P32,790)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming > Watching Movies > Internet Surfing > Music > Paper Works (I know :wahoo: )

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: PCX or PCHub

Country of Origin: Philippines

Parts Preferences: AMD CPU/4GB RAM/GTX 460 GPU

Overclocking: Maybe (future)

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe (future)

Monitor Resolution: 1280x800 or higher

Additional Comments: I've made a thread a month ago and gkay09 helped me alot. Though, at this point I have more info about the parts that was recommended and the one's I want to get. I decided to make a new thread since with the prev one, I've already chosen the best answer which I think nobody will bother to check.

Note: I've converted the price to dollar so it'll be easier to compute for the total price later. (1 USD = 43.72 PHP)

So, here are the parts I've already chosen:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 440 3.0ghz 3x512kb 78.69 USD
-The recommended CPU for a gamer.
RAM: 4gb ddr3-1333 G.Skill RipJaws (F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH) CL7 (7-7-21) 75.49 USD
-Cheapest gaming RAM I could get here in our country.
GPU: Inno3d GTX 460 1GB/256bit DDR5 OC 191.23 USD
-Hard to resist because of the Rare Recommendation of this site.
HDD: 500gb Seagate™ 7200.12 16mb 42.32 USD
-Price of 320gb and 500gb is almost the same. So I decided to grab the 500gb.
Case: Antec 300 70.91 USD
-I want to invest for the tower so I chose this.
Optical: Asus 24B1ST 24x Sata 22.87 USD

Total: 481.57

And now, I have roughly $268. I can stretch it to $300 (P13,114.99) to spend for a Mobo, Psu & Monitor. Is Heatsink a necessity? Any other parts I need to get?

Suggestions/modifications are welcome. It would be also a great help if you can include an explanation.

Please choose here:

Monitor: I prefer 20" LCD for my Monitor but could go lower. I was convinced to get this because of some gaming threads here that says 20" is good.

Mobo: gkay09 picked Asus M4A88T-M AMD 880G/DDR3/A/V/GBLAN and another picked Asrock 880GM-LE AMD 880G ddr3 but I'm still confused. I really don't have any idea what to pick here. Maybe just the best cheap Mobo is good for now. Maybe.

PSU: I was told it should be 500w. I'm just confused if I need to get a Modular or non modular? Also, what does 80+ mean?

I want to stay realistic, so please slap me hard if I'm not. Also, If I need to add more to get these parts, please let me know.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks Tomshardware!
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  2. How big of monitor are we talking about here? So it's a matter of upgrading the monitor or downgrading the VGA. Well, I decided to go 20" for now since...
    1. I don't have the budget.
    2. I can get a bigger monitor and sell the 20" one.
    I need to think about this for now. Can't really decide.

    Do I get to feel the difference between Gskill 8-8-24 and 7-7-21? I've read that the lower the number, the faster it is.
  3. I don't think I can pull this off with the budget I have so I think I can add some more just so I can buy a good monitor.

    Btw, 21.5" LED LCD Monitor costs about 8,000 now. Prices aren't updated so I need to choose the brand. LG, AOC or Samsung? Should I be looking for this specs DVI, 16:9 or 1920x1080p & LED. Should I look for Full HD for don't bother?

    Yep, I already decided to get a cheaper case.
    Thermaltake V4
    or this?
    Aerocool VS-9
  4. Scratch the LED monitor, now I see it doesn't have digital input, only analog, The other one, Philips 220E1SB 1 is good, I know it.
    Found two monitors in some site in there

    AOC 21.5" 2236VW - 7,300
    AOC 21.5" E2236VW LED - 7,600

    The Thermaltake should be better than the Aerocool. That's a good case too and cheaper:

    By now you should be able to get the GTX 460 I linked and a bigger monitor. List all your parts and the total cost.
  5. 3440 CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 440 3.0ghz 3x512kb
    3080 RAM: 4gb (dual) ddr3-1333 G.Skill RipJaws CL8 (8-8-24)
    8360 GPU: Inno3d GTX 460 1GB/256bit DDR5 OC
    1850 HDD: 500gb Seagate 7200.12 16mb
    7600 MON: AOC 21.5" E2236VW LED
    2100 CASE: Thermaltake V4 black mesh
    3999 MOBO: Asus M4A88T-M
    3650 PSU: Silverstone ST50F 500w modular cable
    1000 ODD: Asus 24B1ST 24x Sata
    35,079 Total

    Am I good? Should I change...
    Silverstone ST50F 500w modular cable (3650 ) to OCZ Stealth X Stream II 600watts, Non-Modular (3130)?
    then change the RAM CL8 to CL7?

    Though, I'm happy with what I'm seeing now. I hope by January, prices will not change or hopefully they lower it down more. :)
  6. Don't bother with the latency, get the cheapest RAM. Verify if those with the monitor are serious, otherwise put a little more and get the Philips. All those PSUs are good even the Fortron.
  7. Understood! Why bother with the latency if I don't intend to do OC'ing. As for the PSU, I think I'll go with a non modular 600w, whichever is cheaper. And for my monitor, I'll give every money left to it. Thanks mosox. That was a big help. Now I just need to cross my finger and hope prices will even go lower come 2011 so I can get myself a bigger monitor. :)
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