Computer Powers up but does NOT boot... no beeps...

Hey guys, this has been my fully functioning rig for the past 2 years (changes gcard in the last 18months).

I put it to sleep then decided to switch it off cos it couldnt get it back out of sleep (hold the button).

When i go to put it back on it powers up all the fans come on all the lights on the mobo/cpu fan/gcard but it doesnt beep (usually get a solitary beep to confirm its running fine).

What i've tried:
Disconnecting EVERYTHING other than CPU n Mobo to see i can get some sort of beep... i got nothing

Resetting the cmos (several times)

Playing with changing ram..

Any ideas... ??? :( Faulty PSU or mobo??
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  1. oh my sig isnt working, my rig is:

    Corsair XMS2 DHX 4GB
    P5N-E SLi
    GTX285 (1GB)
    E8400 @ 3.4GHz
    700W Silent PSU
    X-Fi Xtreme Music
  2. If all the lights came on and the fans etc then it's probably the power settings in your BIOS. The computer went into sleep and it wasn't turned back on correctly.

    Now you must install the basics to get the computer into your BIOS ie hdd, 1 memory stick, cpu, graphics, check the fiddly power cable to the motherboard.
  3. ill try resetting the cmosd again and try with just the gcard cpu hdd and 1 ram.

    NOPE nothing happened still the same... :(
  4. I think it might be the power supply as the gcard is amber and not green which i think says that theres not enough power...
  5. +1 bonse:

    could be one of those: 1: psu
    2: motherboard
    3: CPU

    good luck
  6. I had a similar problem (see thread: ). As it turned out I had a bad processor. Look at the best answer I selected. Helped me greatly.

    Good luck.
  7. Assuming that you do not have a thermal problem, if you try to boot with only the PSU, motherboard, and CPU; with no RAM, you should get a series of long beeps indicationg no memory. If you get silence, the PSU, motherboard, or CPU (in that order) is bad - unless you have some sort of case shorting problem.

    will eliminate that possibility.
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