Problems with SLI GTX 470 configuration continued

Hi there,

Last week I started a thread about a SLI system I'm running:

I have tried both cards individually now and can report on the behaviour of both. Both run, and do not drop out like the SLI configuration, however while running both I get random freezes in chrome (can move mouse but the browse is unresponsive), this effects all animations and videos e.t.c. and last 2-5 seconds.

Other than that I can't report much else, they play games fine as far as I can tell, both are stable under load from furmark.

Pretty confused about this, would appreciate some advice.


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  1. Man, i had a similar problem. First, sorry for my poor english, but i'll try to explain how i solved it. Try to plug you PC without an isolator module or stabilizer. I hope it works!
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