Help for christmas upgrade.

my system :
Motherboard - Asus p5e
Cpu - Intel core2duo E8400 ( thermal take big typhoon 2 heatsink fan cooler ) ( stock - 3ghz i could oc to 3.4 with the aisuite software no problems )
Ram - OCZ gold 1066mhz 2x2gb ram.
GPU -Nvidia 9800gtx
Power supply - 800w gigabyte

my budget is about 500-750$
my upgrade plan is -
get water cooling.. with less maintenance so was thinking of getting a h70. ( i want to oc to 4ghz can i dot hat comfortably with the h70 ? ) will change the fans on it though for high performance ones. [about 110$]
New gpu - as you can see my gpu is pretty old so was planin on getting a gtx 580. i dont want to get 2x 460s because i will have to change my motherboard too for that and that would obviously add to cost since my motherboard only supports crossfire. [about 520$]
New case - need one lol. was thinking of the cooler master cm690 II advanced.

Maybe i should get some more ram. ? I have a corsair 3fan ram cooler.

How much of a performance upgrade will this setup give me. ? care to suggest any other upgrades ? or some changes in the upgrade?

Please reply guys.. thanks..
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  1. drop the idea of the h70 it's a waste of money on that cpu. Personally I'd get:

    sandy bridge cpu + sandy bridge mobo(coming out 5th of jan): 300-400
    4gb ddr3: 60-100
    another 9800gtx if you don't want to spend much otherwise a 6850/460gtx or better.
  2. ooh and a CM 690: 80
  3. hey thanks for your input bro.. the thing is i'm going to hong-kong round 22nd December and will be there till Christmas.. so was hoping to get a nice upgrade from there.. since you get stuff at awesome prices there and i've never experienced any problems..

    let me know if you got any ideas..
  4. Aaah I see.

    I'd just buy a case, 460gtx and maybe an SSD. And then save the rest for sandy bridge when it comes out.
  5. what do you think will give me a better performance in my games.. ? a new processor and mobo and ram or gtx 580 (over clocked) and my cpu over clocked to 4ghz.. let me know it'll help me decide.. and i'm using a hdtv as my screen so the refresh rate is 60hz i guess that means i dont get over 60fps.. though im not totally sure bout that.. cause i get 60ps almost constant on street fighter IV and need for speed hot pursuit.
  6. neither will give you a worthy boost. If I had to choose a 580gtx would probably givera better boost but nevertheless. They're both a relative waste if you don't upgrade both components. If you get a cheap deal in hong kong on an i5 750/760/661 then you can get those paired with a mobo, 4gb ram and a 6870. It should more than double performance at a cost of around 600dollars with current pricing.

    Take it a notch higher and you can get sandy bridge and dual 6850 for I'm guessing around 800-900. Which should tripple or even quadrouple performance.

    And yes at 60hz 60fps is the limit, but the human eye doesn't see the difference so it doesn't matter ussually 24fps+ is a good number.
  7. thanks a bunch for the help.. :D
    one more question lol.. :P
    if i end up getting a h70.. will i be able to use it with sandy bridge too if i change my processor later ?

    now i'm kinda thinking of gettin a h70 a case and a gtx 570/580 cause i might sli later.. and if i can use the h70 on the new processor too.. i'm preety sure i should be able to minght have to change the thermal paste but i think it should be usable on sandy bridge too.. let me know if this is possible.. and thanks again bro.. appreciate the help.. :D
  8. lga 1155 mounting is supposed to be the same as 1156 so I think it should fit although I'm far from sure. here they say it is on some review sites where they have the boards they say the same(forgot the links). BTW the h70 supports 1156 for if you were confused :p.

    So yeah you should be able to use it, but I still think it's kind of a waste, but hey what the heck I have a noctua d14(performs like the h70 very good I definately reccomend it as an alternative) for running my 930 at stock so who am I to talk?

    Happy building/buying
  9. thanks bro i'll let you know what i finally end up getting..
  10. good :D btw: IMO forget the 580gtx is for people who want the best regardless of price. The 570gtx is the sensible decision ;).
  11. I'll testify for the CM 690. I just got one around three months ago and it is amazing. Excellent ventilation and very large. Good luck with your build!
  12. hey thanks you guys.. my build is now postponed lol. not going to hk now.. :( mostly in jan now.. thinking of getting a XSPC water cooling kit, a ssd and probably a gtx570 goes like hell edition or 580 if its not too much at that time.. :P and yeah obviously my cm690 II advanced.. :P
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